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4 Common Causes of False Alarms

Alarm systems are installed to protect property and lives. A properly installed and maintained alarm is an asset for every homeowner or businessperson in Utah. However, alarm systems become a liability when misused. Reputable alarm companies and the police spend a considerable amount of money and time responding to false alarms. Besides, the users get inconvenienced by false alarms. Therefore, system users should understand the causes of false alarms so that they reduce the money and time spent by companies and the police to attend to false alarms. System users should also be careful not to give or cause false alarms. You will not only cause worry among your neighbors, but you will also waste valuable time spent by an alarm company and the police.

Human error

Human error is the leading cause of false alarms. Research reveals that close to 80 percent of false alarms are a result of errors by system users. You can trigger a false alarm when you type the wrong password on the alarm’s keypad. Also, system users trigger a false alarm when they open a door or window of a home that has been secured with an alarm. You may also indicate a break-in when you leave your window or door open after activating your home alarm system.

Low battery

Most home alarm systems give indications of a low battery when you have not set the alarm. Some alarm systems cannot stop giving low battery signs until you replace the old battery. Thus, low battery is one of the most significant contributors to false alarms. You should replace your old batteries with new ones immediately when you see a sign of low batteries before your home alarm system starts giving a false alarm. You can call your alarm system provider to change the batteries on your behalf. It is much better to leave it to an expert than do it on your own and cause more problems with your alarm system.

Air Vents

Home alarm system

Home security systems are designed with ultrasonic motion detection. Therefore, a slight movement can cause a false alarm. A minor air draft might cause a false alarm. Make sure that your air vents work properly so that they do not cause your alarm system to give a false alarm.

Installation issues

Alarm systems will only function when they are installed professionally. If your alarm system is poorly installed, then you can be sure that it will trigger a false alarm. Renovations in your house might also trigger false alarms. Hence, seek the help of a professional only. You should choose the right one to do the job for you so that your system will not cause any more problems.

You should work on the causes of false alarms to avoid unnecessary fines. Also, you need to make sure that your family is safe in the event of a real emergency. Train your family members to use the alarm system and make sure that it is installed professionally and properly.

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