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5 Best Practices for Improving Construction Site Safety

All phases of construction work pose different types of risks. Regardless of how careful construction workers are, accidents are highly likely to happen. This makes it important to familiarise yourself with the incidents that you are likely to encounter at each phase. This ensures that you put measures in place to improve safety. What are some of the ways to improve construction site safety?

Creating Awareness

This ensures that anyone who sets foot on the site is aware of the likely hazards. The fact that your workers have been working on construction sites for long does not mean that they are aware of the risks to avoid. Understanding the hazards available on the site ensures that they stay alert throughout. It is critical that your construction manager will always ensure that workers and any other people who visit the construction site are aware of all the dangers to avoid.

Training Your Workers

Creating awareness might not be enough. It could be that workers are aware that the site is dangerous. However, if they are not aware of how to stay safe, creating awareness will not mean much. It is advisable to invest in resources such as worksheets, pamphlets, and training videos. Inviting an expert to offer on-site training would also be a wise decision. It is important that seasoned workers undergo refresher courses as regularly as possible.

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Using the Right Equipment

While some construction equipment can play many roles, you should make sure that all employees use the ideal equipment for all jobs. Using the wrong equipment increases the chances of accidents. Whether you need dry lining tools or heavy machinery, most dealers in the UK will be able to supply them immediately. This means that you should discourage the use of makeshift tools. It is critical to maintain your equipment well. The right tools will not be safe if they are not operating at optimal efficiency.

Providing Personal Safety Gear

You should provide your workers with personal protective gear such as work gloves, boots, ear plugs, safety goggles, face masks, hard hats, among others. In case some of the workers are to work in a high place, you should give them safety equipment such as anchorage connectors, body support, and all other important connecting devices. Make sure that all employees inspect their fall arrest systems for wear as regularly as possible. They should also ensure that all operable components are in excellent working condition.

Promoting Proper Communication

Proper communication ensures that all parties on the construction site know what to expect. It is advisable that all goals and activities for the day be discussed prior to the commencement of any work. This helps avoid surprises that are likely to cause injuries. It pays to invest in equipment such as headsets and walkie-talkies that warrant fast and effective communication.

Understand that you would still need the help of a supervisor, regardless of the safety measures you employ on your construction site. It is advisable to hire one that has what it takes to enforce the highest safety standards. Most importantly, they should be willing to enforce those standards.

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