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5 Useful Ideas to Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

The British love carpet. This floor cover does not just character to the room; it can also help make a chilly house naturally toasty. If bathroom carpets did not go out of style recently, many Brits would still have kept them where they were.

The average English homeowner would invest in some professional carpet cleaning in Sevenoaks, Edenbridge, or Swanley. Other than bringing back the pristine appearance of your carpet and ridding your house of allergens like mould, deep cleaning could extend the life of your floor covers.

While it’s advisable to schedule a cleaner visit at least once every six to 12 months, there are lots of things you can do to give your carpets some TLC every day and delay the need for replacements.

Use the following expert tips:

  1. Don’t Let the Dirt In

Rule number one in keeping your carpets from getting dirty too quickly is to prevent dirt from entering the house in the first place.

Common sense tells you that you shouldn’t open your exterior doors and windows unless it’s necessary. But perhaps the most effective way to achieve your floors dirt-free is to remove your shoes inside the house. It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way.

If you don’t like to walk inside the house without footwear, at least place a mat at every entrance. This way, you can take excess mud or dirt off your shoes before you roam around the house.

  1. Place Your Carpets Away From Constant Traffic

Constant exposure to foot traffic can speed up the wear and tear of your carpets. They’re nice to walk on, but laying down rugs at areas where you usually rest your feet can help protect the regions that get stepped on.

  1. Change Furniture Arrangement Regularly

A carpet may age differently in different areas because of the permanent furniture arrangement. Those exposed usually become dirty and go old faster than those covered by a seat, a table, or a freestanding cabinet.

To keep similar areas from taking the same level of beating, strongly consider moving your furniture around now and then. Doing so will not only give your space a fresh look but also change the flow of foot traffic.

  1. Attend to Spillage Quickly

carpet texture

Coloured liquids and sticky substances can damage the fabric of your carpets and create unsightly marks that could stay forever.

When there’s a spillage, get rid of the solid portions carefully as soon as you can. Then, dilute the wet areas to weaken the concentration of the liquid. Let a dry towel absorb the moisture.

If you’re working on a stubborn stain, you could make your own homemade cleaning solution to have a more potent cleaner.

  1. Make Vacuuming a Habit

Vacuuming is no substitute for deep cleaning, but it can prevent significant dirt build-up before your next scheduled carpet cleaning service rolls around. If you’re living with a hairy pet, vacuum your carpets more frequently.

Final Word

You could extend your carpet’s life as much as possible. While you’ll eventually have to buy a whole new one, it always pays to make every effort to get the most mileage out of your floor cover.

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