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A Helpful List of 8 Heavy Equipment and Earth Movers Used for Construction

The building of commercial spaces and residential homes need heavy equipment to finish the job. These machines can go from excavating to materials handlings or demolition. Large constructions can’t go forward without earth movers and heavy equipment. Many of these equipment even serve different purposes in the construction process.

While these heavy equipment are of good quality, prolonged use may also affect their functions. This is when heavy equipment repair in Utah becomes an indispensable contact for construction companies in the area.

Before that, though, here’s a list of earth movers and heavy equipment that you should know about:

1. Excavator

Excavators are large construction equipment and it moves through tracks (wheels) though tracks are more common. The standard type of this heavy equipment relies on a long bucket arm which connects to a fulcrum. Because the excavator is versatile, the operator can use it to handle materials, excavate holes, trenches, and foundations for demolition, rough grading, heavy lifting, mining, and unearthing rivers.

2. Backhoe Loader

The heavy equipment looks like a farm tractor. It’s medium in size and can move dirt. It also excavates, installs pipes and other materials, and digs holes and trenches. The operator can drive this to the job site.

3. Bulldozer

Of all the heavy equipment available to construction companies, the bulldozer is one of the powerhouses. It’s called ‘extremely heavy equipment’. Its function includes pushing piles of the earth as wells as rough or fine grading. The rough or fine grading function will depend on the size of the bulldozer. The size of the bulldozer makes way for crushing big boulders.

4. Motor Grader

Motor grader in actionThis equipment with an adjustable long blade can be used for fine grading and moving dirt in minimal amounts. Putting a second blade in front of the machine is possible. Another function of a motor grader is to make ramps or create drainage that has shallow cross-sections the shape of V.

5. Crawler Loader

A cross between a backhoe, an excavator or a bucket loader; a crawler loader can move soil and debris. It’s also the machine to use to put materials on trucks. This is the ideal machine to use for smaller constructions.

6. Trencher

A trencher is for digging trenches, hence the name. The usual job of a trencher is to dig narrow trenches that will be used for piping and cabling. There are different sizes and kinds of trenchers. The larger kinds can cut asphalt pavements or other hard-to-cut surfaces.

7. Scraper

A scraper is a piece of large heavy equipment. It can move dirt, dig, and level land. It functions on open areas at high speed. Large types of scrapers are motor scrapers while the smaller ones are pull scrapers which are pulled by another vehicle.

8. Dump Truck

A dump truck is where all heavy materials are loaded. The equipment can go on the road to bring or take away the materials to and from the construction site. It comes in many forms, from small to gigantic ones. The larger kinds are used in mining.

To Buy a New One or Get a Repair?

With all these equipment, getting them repaired or buying a new one is a tough choice for construction companies. However, choosing between having your equipment repaired or replaced will depend on your priorities at the moment. Oftentimes it’s more practical to get a repair service than getting a new one or a replacement because it’s more expensive.

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