Why you should clear out your home on a regular basis

We get it — it’s a pandemic. The top priority on everyone’s minds probably isn’t going to be the cleanliness of your house. But if you’ve been neglecting cleaning out the junk in your house for some time now, here’s your reminder that you should probably do that before the year ends. The old junk you’re not even using isn’t getting any younger or more useful the more you let it sit there.

That one piece of exercise equipment you bought to help you get fitter but is now just collecting dust at the corner of your room is nothing but an eye-sore at this point instead of the functional equipment it’s meant to be. That one blouse or shirt that you bought on a whim, thinking you’d be brave enough to wear it outside one day, just isn’t turning out to be a good investment if you don’t do anything with it.

If you’ve been procrastinating on cleaning your home, here are some reasons that might help to convince you to get up and do some spring cleaning, even if it isn’t spring quite yet.

Frees up space

If your junk is constantly getting in your way and you find yourself wishing that there was someplace you could just put them without bumping into them, then it might be time for a thorough cleaning. No longer finding space inside your home to fit all the stuff that you own is one sure sign that you need a full cleaning. Just think of how much room you’d get if you got rid of all the stuff that’s in the way or invested in a closet or storage space. You won’t be missing any of it anymore when you’re not accidentally stubbing your toe on any hard corners.

Gives the stuff to people who actually need it

You may not find any of the stuff you’re hoarding all that useful, but someone out there does. There’s always someone who’ll need or want your unused stuff more than you do, whether clothes that don’t fit you anymore or furniture that’s just taking up space.

If you want to get rid of your old stuff but don’t want to throw it out, selling them or giving them away to those who’d actually get some good use out of it is always a nice gesture. If you can’t sell or find someone who’d use it, you can always contact a rubbish removal company to take it and recycle it for you, as well as for general cleaning services.

Increased productivity and less stress


Believe it or not, decluttering your space can help you focus more on your work and increase your productivity. A messy environment can often distract you and make you lose focus on whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. Other than that, it’s just less stress on your part.

Thinking about all that stuff you know you have to clean someday can be stressful and weigh you down. Taking the time to clean it out now so you won’t have to worry about it any longer not only frees up your space but saves you from any more days spent being anxious about the mess. Plus, your Zoom background would look so much better.

Letting go of emotional baggage

If you’re a sentimental person who likes holding on to things that remind you of times long past, like concert tickets, old notes, and birthday cards, then chances are you’ve got a drawer or two just full of that stuff. While it can be nice to hold on to good memories and keep reminders of the past, once you find yourself wishing that there was somewhere else you could put them, then it might be time to go through that stack of holiday cards and throw away the ones from people you don’t even talk to anymore.

Holding on to mementos and keepsakes often brings feelings of guilt or shame instead of reminding us of good times. Sure, some memories are good, but once something’s been spoiled, you can’t unsee it any longer. Using the good old Marie Kondo method, if something doesn’t make you happy or reminds you of good memories, you have to get rid of it.

A chance to renew and make new memories

There’s a reason behind the saying — cleanliness is close to godliness. Cleaning out all your stuff can make you feel refreshed and renewed. Just as every new year brings a completely new chance at change, cleaning out all the junk of yesteryear can give you a whole new outlook and attitude on your home.

Aside from freeing up space, decluttering your home also allows you to fill it with new stuff and new memories, at least until you get sick of it again. But hopefully, after you see how much your house improves after a thorough cleaning, you’ll be less inclined to make it messy again.

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