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Epoxy Flooring Systems for Commercial Establishments

The floors in commercial establishments, unlike residential properties, are subject to considerable foot traffic. The material used, therefore, will wear out faster compared to the same in a residential setting. Epoxy flooring systems are your best bet to a durable commercial floor.

This option comprises a blend of hardeners and resins, which chemically react to create rigid plastic flooring material. The resultant material bonds exceptionally well to a range of base layers and is resistant to most elements. The following are among the options epoxy flooring contractors might suggest for your commercial establishment’s floors.

Self-Levelling Epoxy Floors

These are applied over cracked, new or old concrete floors to generate a smooth, durable, low maintenance and durable floor. Self-levelling floors come in a broad colour range, which can be used to make various decorative designs, highlight work regions or indicate traffic patterns. They are generally used in areas where heat, chemical, abrasion and slip resistance, and aesthetic appeal are essential.

Mortar Epoxy Floors

These are the strongest epoxy floors available. They comprise quartz or graded sand, which is troweled into place. Epoxy mortar floors are chemical and high impact-resistant and efficient for repair of old concrete floors. They can be used in service areas exposed to heavy machines, commercial garages and kitchens, and manufacturing plants.

Anti-Static Epoxy Floors

These are also called electro-static discharge floors. They contain a conductive material that accumulates static electricity and helps in the reduction of static hazards. Anti-static epoxy floors are primarily used in environments exposed to flammable materials like pharmaceutical, chemical and electronic manufacturing plants.

100% Solids Epoxy Floors

These epoxy floors are the most durable and recommended by professionals. They can last for up to 20 years even if they receive heavy traffic. These floors are also assured of strong protection against abrasions, chemical reactions and stains.

Water-Based Epoxy Floors

Man cleaning the floorThese are mostly used as either a primer or sealer over concrete surface since they can penetrate porous surfaces. Water-based epoxy floors give a smooth and glossy finish that also offers protection against abrasion and stains. This type of flooring, however, is not as durable and resistant as the solids used in other flooring systems.

Vapour Barrier Epoxy Floors

These coatings are usually applied over concrete surfaces before the final flooring surface is added. This includes tiles, carpets, hardwood floors and vinyl sheets.

Self-Dispersing Epoxy Floors

These epoxy floors provide high mechanical strength and durability. That is why they are mostly utilised in establishments that receive heavy truck traffic. This type of coating also has anti-slip properties, so it is best used in facilities that involve food processing.

Epoxy floors are a unique commercial solution since they are not only practical but flexible as well, making them fit for a wide range of industrial applications. You are, therefore, guaranteed to get one from the above options that suits your commercial floors regardless of your business needs. To get the most from your epoxy floors, make sure they are installed by the best contractor available.

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