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Fireplace: How to Determine the Best One for You

Selecting the right fireplace for your home can be tricky. It should be a balance of functionality, efficiency and, of course, aesthetics. Although it can be overwhelming, there are ways you can successfully find the right fireplace for your home.

Luckily, Comfort Solutions is here to guide you through the important points you need to know before your actual purchase. With this, finding the perfect fireplace in Utah for your home has never been easier.

1. Determine the location

Many houses — even modern ones — already have spaces designated for fireplace installation. Others have to choose their space and make room. Whether you have an existing one or are looking to making one, determining where you will put your fireplace is important.

Apart from helping you determine the size and style that you would choose more easily, you get to think of other important factors such as the location of your chimney and the layout of the living room and where to put certain furniture.

2. Know your purpose

A fireplace is more than just an instrument of heating. It is also an aesthetic statement, and some people use it solely for such purpose. Determining your purpose for having one can help you choose which one can best deliver your needs.

For example, if you want a fireplace just for winter, get one that does not deteriorate with long periods of dormancy. If energy-efficiency is an important factor for you, get a gas fireplace. Ask your contractor for advice with your specific needs in mind.

3. Create a budget

It is important to set aside a reasonable budget when it comes to installing fireplaces. The cost will be affected by different factors, such as size, style, labor and materials. Comparing quotes from different contractors before deciding on which one to buy can help you make a better decision.

In your budget, include long-term expenses as well. Spending on a fireplace doesn’t end in installation. Depending on the type of fireplace, you should also think about firewood, power bills or gasoline, maintenance costs and so on.

4. Choose the type of fireplace

Electric fireplace in the living room

As already mentioned, the type of fireplace is specific to different homeowner needs. You could opt for a traditional wood burning fireplace or go for more modern ones, such as electric or gas. Different fireplace types have its respective pros and cons.

The types of fireplaces you can choose from are gas, firewood, electric and so forth. Eventually, the choice will be down to your preference and needs. As such, you must be well prepared in terms of determining certain factors for your purchase.

The appeal of a fireplace in homes will never lose its flame. Tapping into nostalgia, it reminds us of childhood — a feeling of warmth and coziness while building our relationships with our loved ones.

Finding the perfect fireplace for your home might not be a walk in the park, but having this guide as well as the advice of reliable expert contractors can guide you to making the best decision given your situation, needs and budget.

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