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Go Ahead and Utilize that Expensive Yard Space

Real estate prices can be quite an expensive affair when you live in New York or California. You either have to choose between affordable but small living spaces or spacious yet expensive locations. You’re lucky enough if you get to have some sort of yard space with your home purchase.

Don’t let that coveted yard space remain unused and underutilized. Here are some ways to turn them into the highlight of your home:

Decorate with Antique Furniture

When people pass by your house, they can either look at it as a shell of a home or as a beautiful and inviting place. And because they see the yard instead of the inside of the home, they make assumptions based on that. Even strangers will be curious about the antique Gustavian furniture you have outdoors. They’ll think you have a good eye for beautiful and decorative pieces and they might even take inspiration from what you’ve done for your own space.

To give your property that good image, choose furniture that can withstand the weather in the area, and make sure that even outdoors, they offer some sort of protection from the elements. You want your yard not just to look decorative; it should also be functional. The choice of colors for your furniture will also set the mood outdoors, so don’t be afraid to choose bright pops of color during summer or spring.

Make It Accessible

Patio with furniture and fireplaceWhat’s the point of having a beautiful yard space teeming with outdoor furniture if it’s a struggle to use it? Perhaps there’s a row of overgrown plants blocking the way. Perhaps the sun is beating down on the furniture, and you don’t want to be subjected to that. This is why planning the outdoor space is just as important as designing the indoor space. You need shade and a clear path. Many even change their door into sliding options so that they can easily keep it open and see the beautiful yard instead of just leaving it there unused. Remember, you paid for that yard space. It would be a shame if you just let it sit there not seeing any activity.

Have a Clear View from Inside

If you have time to plan your yard space, you have even more time to spend on interior design. It’s understandable that some days you’ll want to just stay indoors to relax and appreciate something you worked hard on. Does this mean forgetting about the outdoors? If you keep the yard an integral part of home design, you won’t have to.

The trick is to position the windows so that they can bring natural light in and your backyard becomes the view in the background. While you’re talking with friends in the living room, they can get a good look outside. Even when it’s just you in the kitchen, it’s relaxing and fulfilling to see the beautiful yard just within reach.

Beauty is all around you. Some of them are provided by nature while others need a little artistic guide, but at the end of the day, it’s a win if you enjoy the beauty that you paid for.

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