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Creating a Classic: Home Improvements to Consider

  • Classic home designs offer financial benefits, longevity, and comfort, with surfaces playing a vital role in the aesthetic.
  • Consistent furniture selection and strategic placement enhance the elegance and sophistication of your classic home design.
  • Personalizing your space through artwork, collections, and personalized decor creates a unique and timeless environment.
  • Classic home design is about integrating aesthetically appealing and functionally enduring elements.

Creating a classic and elegant home design is more than just a trend; it’s an investment in longevity and comfort. Classic designs have a timeless appeal, ensuring that your home won’t look outdated in a few years and you won’t need to renovate frequently. According to a report from HomeAdvisor, homeowners spend an average of $60,400 on home renovations each year. Opting for a classic design can save thousands of dollars in the long run by avoiding the constant need for updates. Additionally, a survey by Zillow revealed that homes with classic architectural designs tend to have a 43% higher sale price than other properties. This further emphasizes the financial benefits of investing in a classic home design.

However, you might not know what to do regarding home improvements that will give your property a classic and timeless look. Here are some ideas to consider:

Start with the Surfaces

Changing surfaces for a classy home

Choosing a suitable surface can set the tone for your entire home. It forms the foundation for the rest of the design elements. Among the various factors in a home, surfaces contribute significantly to the aesthetic and functional value of the property. Therefore, selecting surfaces for your floors, walls, or countertops is crucial in creating a classic home design. Here are a few materials to consider:

Natural Stone

Natural stone surfaces are a cornerstone of classic design. Materials like marble, granite, and slate can add an element of luxury and timeless appeal to any space. They are durable and can withstand heavy use over time. However, they require regular maintenance to keep their luster.


Hardwood surfaces are another classic choice for your home. They give the room a warm and inviting feel and can last for generations with proper care. The beauty of hardwood is that it can fit into almost any design scheme, from rustic to modern.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a versatile and practical choice for surfaces, especially in high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens. They are easy to clean, resistant to stains, and come in many designs and finishes. Tiles can also add texture and pattern to your interiors.

Solid Surfaces

Finally, consider hiring expert solid surface installation specialists for a sleek and modern twist to a classic design. Solid surfaces, often made from acrylic or polyester, offer a seamless and durable option for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are non-porous, resisting stains and bacteria, and can mimic the look of more expensive materials like natural stone.

Create Aesthetic Furniture Match

Matching furniture selection

Furniture is pivotal in establishing a classic and timeless aesthetic in your home design. Careful furniture selection and placement can heighten the elegance and sophistication of your interiors, creating comfortable and refined spaces.

When it comes to furniture selection for a classic home design, consistency is vital. Choose pieces with a unifying element, such as color, material, or style. Incorporating antique or vintage pieces, like a Victorian mirror or a Chesterfield sofa, can give the space a sense of history and authenticity. Wood furniture, in particular, exudes a timeless charm that complements a classic design scheme. Opt for woods with rich, dark finishes like mahogany or walnut for a stately and sophisticated look.

The placement of furniture is also fundamental in a classic design scheme. Aim for a symmetrical arrangement to evoke balance and harmony in the room. However, be careful not to make the space look too rigid or formal. Mix different furniture shapes, heights, and sizes to introduce some variation and interest.

To complete the classic look, use traditional fabrics like silk, velvet, or brocade for upholstery and window treatments. These materials have an opulent feel and offer a visual depth that can enhance the overall ambiance of your classic home.

Personalize the Space

Personalizing your home is the key to creating a living space that is classic and uniquely yours. It’s about integrating elements that reflect your personality, tastes, and experiences to create a timeless and intimate environment.

Display Artwork

One of the most effective ways to personalize your space is through artwork. Whether a classic painting, an abstract piece, or a family portrait, artwork can add color, texture, and emotion to your home. Consider investing in pieces that resonate with you and arrange them in a stylish gallery wall or as a focal point in a room.

Showcase Personal Collections

Another way to add a personal touch is by displaying collections. For instance, if you love vintage books, arrange them on a mahogany bookshelf for an old-world charm. Or, if you’ve traveled extensively, your collection of artifacts from around the world can serve as conversation starters and reminders of your journeys.

Use Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms can add a touch of heritage and sentimentality to your home. Whether it’s an antique clock, a vintage tea set, or an old family photograph, these items carry a history that can enrich your home’s classic design.

Add Personalized Decor

Incorporate decor items that hold personal significance. It could be a custom-made rug, monogrammed throw pillows, or a vase from your favorite local artisan. While small, these details can make a big difference in creating a genuinely personalized and classic home.

Personalization in a classic home design is about blending the old with the new, the timeless with the timely, and the universal with the unique. It’s about creating a space that tells your story while exuding an enduring appeal.

Final Thoughts

Creating a classic home design is not just about following the latest trends or purchasing expensive designer pieces. It’s about carefully selecting and integrating elements that stand the test of time, both aesthetically and functionally. By starting with suitable surfaces, incorporating timeless furniture choices, and adding personal touches, you can create an elegant and enduring home that you’ll love for years. So, consider these home improvements and make a classic abode that reflects your personality, style, and preferences.

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