Home Maintenance Checklist: Getting Ready for the Summer

Home maintenance can be a chore, but it is also a very rewarding set of activities that can help you feel accomplished and deepens your appreciation of your house. Interior tasks like changing air conditioner filters, cleaning cabinets, and changing out winter curtains for summer curtains are easy to do. But there is a lot more to it that can help your home maintain its efficiency and give you a comfortable living space.

Make sure that you give just as much attention and energy to the exterior of your house as well. The siding, walkways, garden, and pool need just as much tender loving care as the interior of your home. A well-maintained exterior will keep your home safe from the weather, keep out moisture and bugs, and keep your family safe and insulated at all times.

It is a good idea to seek out environmentally friendly ways to care for your garden, as many pesticides have been found to cause irritation and rashes in children and adults. Eco-friendly products will give you the same results without harmful side effects. Look for muriatic acid substitute pool cleaning options as well. This will greatly reduce health risks to your family and prevent runoff that harms your garden.

Once you have everything you need and feel ready to get started, make a list of everything that needs doing so you can take a methodical and strategic approach to the maintenance of your home.            

Fix Cracks

foundation problem

Small cracks now can become big and expensive issues later. Take the time to walk through your property and note all cracks in the concrete, siding, and walkways. Gaps are unattractive and can be tripping hazards. Clean out concrete cracks and fill them in with caulk to prevent the damage from growing and smooth out the area.

Caulk is also suitable for repairing cracks in vinyl sidings. Use a caulk gun to ensure that you fill in the crack without gaps, and use a putty knife to ensure smooth application. Paint to match the color of the siding, and it will be like the damage was never there. Make sure to do this early on a warm day so that the caulk and paint have adequate time to dry before evening.

Paint the House

Paint is the easiest way to improve the look of your home and make it feel fresh and welcoming both inside and out. It is also great for providing a weather-resistant barrier to the exterior of your home and enhances the moisture-repellent qualities of your home.

Exterior paint should be chosen for these qualities first and color second. Interior colors can be selected aesthetically though it is a good idea to insist on moisture repellent qualities and quick-drying as a condition. Paint mixing technology has advanced enough that you can now choose paints of lovely shades that also serve the dual purpose of protecting your walls.

Inspect the Roof

roof problems

Look for broken shingles, missing shingles, rust, or cracked caulk on the sides. Test to see if any areas are sagging, leaking, or show signs of decomposition.

Missing or broken shingles can be replaced and repaired easily, but rust and sagging present a bigger problem. This could be signs that your roof needs a total replacement. Leaks are a sign that the shingles are not sealed correctly and that your insulation may have been weakened or suffering from the effects of inclement weather.

Roof repair is essential as it is a necessary part of the insulation and sealing of your home as well as what keeps out pests and mold from becoming a health risk for your family.  

Inspect Your Doors and Windows

Inspect every exterior door and window for damage, warping, cracks, moisture, and alignment. Distortion of the frame and misalignment can damage the weather-defying capabilities of your doors and windows. Chipping or peeling may not seem like a big deal, but this is what allows moisture to get in and create cracks and damage that develop opportunities for inclement weather or mold and pests to access your home.

Paint chipping can be easily fixed by refinishing the doorways and windows, but bring in a professional to ensure that the seal of the windows and door frame is watertight.

Clean Gutters

Gutters can be clogged and lead to overflowing, cracks, breed pests and mold, and leak water down the side of the house. This will reduce the efficacy of your gutters, damage your pipes, possibly lead to damage to the foundation, and warp your siding.

Regular gutter cleaning can prevent all this and ensure that your pipes and drainage system are in good shape. Winter may be hard on pipes, but summer can also cause damage if problems aren’t addressed, so make sure to clean out and weatherproof your drainage system.

These are just some of the more crucial exterior repair activities that you should consider. Once you have handled these aspects of maintenance, moving into interior repair will feel more manageable. It may be hard work at first, but once you get into the groove of it, it will get easier to do. Also, the sense of accomplishment in taking care of your home is unmatched.

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