Home Staging 101: How to Stage Your House for a Quick Sale

Wooing a lady is very similar to house staging. You may ask how? When wooing a lady, you are so much concerned about your looks. That’s because all you want to do is impress the lady. And throughout the whole process, you always put your best foot forward. You try as much as you can to remove mistakes from the picture. That’s just how home staging is. The only difference is that you are trying to impress buyers with the looks of your house. Over the years, house staging has helped many real estate agents and owners consummate the sale. And profit handsomely from it.

Statistics show about 83% of agents believe a staged house sells faster than an unstaged one. So if you are not yet in on house staging, it’s about time. Why waste time? With house staging, you can cut the selling process in half. That means less overhead expense for you and less worry. You can reduce the number of days your house would be on the sale list. At the same time, you get to increase your home value by as much as 1 – 10%. Truth be told, the question that you should be concerned with now is how to get it done. And that’s exactly what we want you to find out.

Accentuate Strong Points

The goal when staging your home is making buyers fall in love with the property. And for them to fall in love with the house, you have to concentrate on its best features.

And as you know very well, that may be easier said than done. Why? Simply because every property has its downsides. So the trick of the trade is to accentuate the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.

This means you need to do your due diligence. Get an honest assessment of the property. You’ve got to ask yourself what are the strong points of your property. Is it the kitchen? How about the bedroom? These are some of the places that buyers can easily fall in love with.

Then ask yourself which part of the property won’t look as good. Is it the garage? How about the driveway and the front yard? If you think parts of the picture are causing a drag, you may have to attend to it.

First impressions last. The lovely spots in your home should become even lovelier. Buyers don’t usually bring a check when touring a home. But if you make a good impression, you’re assured you’re on talking terms and the conversation doesn’t turn flat.

Do Repairs

Your property’s negative side must be taken care of. Repairs do that. Nobody wants to live in a house with bad plumbing, for one. Or, for that matter, a largely weakened roof filled with holes.

You can always DIY repairs, and you should if you’re pretty confident you can get the job done. If it’s a minor job, go ahead. But remember that you want to put your best foot forward here. Thus, you have to look into professional home repair experts if you want the job to be done efficiently and half the time.

Moreover, home repair professionals can assess the extent of damage better. Added to that, they can put your house in the best possible order. This is especially true for bigger jobs that require a lot of skill, such as plumbing and painting. Plus, you do away with all the guesswork. In short, you save a lot of time and money.


Another important thing to do is declutter and clean up. Chaos invites doubts. So garbage thrown all over the place is a major turn-off. So as making your home look stuffy and overly crowded.

So what can you do? Get rid of unnecessary items in your home. Free up space as much as you can.

When your home looks spacious, you invite good vibes. Of course, there are tricks of the trade to make your small room look big. The important thing is you make it happen.

Right from the get-go, cleaning up is key. A clean home is an attractive home. It gives the visitor assurances that what he’s looking at is very well taken care of.  It increases the value of your property. So, make sure the bedsheets are clean and preferably white. Lest we forget, the bathroom should be immaculate; the same holds true for the kitchen.

aesthetic lighting

Nix Personal Items

When it comes to home staging, one mistake you should not make is keeping your personal items in sight. Get rid of them as much as you can. Why? The buyer should be able to picture themselves in that home. Placing your personal items all over the place kills that imagination.

Your family pictures should be in a safe place for now and not displayed. Keep personal items in closets as much as you can. This can be a bit hard, though, if you are still living in the home. But it’s a small price to pay to get the sale.

Opt for Neutral Colors

As much as bright colors look great, they aren’t the best for staging a house. When staging a house, you want to be as neutral as you can be. This means that your home decors should have a neutral color, such as white, brown, gray, cream, and many more.

What’s up with neutral colors? It’s simple. They don’t distract the buyer. This way, the buyer can focus on the essentials, the more important parts of the property. With neutral colors, your property exudes calm and confidence.

It’s a proven-and-tested move. It’s like an empty sheet of paper. You are giving the buyer the privilege of putting his own personal touches on the property. And if the buyer loves the neutral color, he’s impressed all the same.

Home staging is definitely worth it, so long as you do it right. The better you can do it, the faster you can move to your new home.

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