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How Much Should You Spend on a Water Softener Installation?

Water softener systems are important, especially in areas where hard water is more common. In the United States, the average cost of professional water softener installation amounts to $1,000. It may cost as low as $800 or up to $3,000 depending on several factors.

If you live in Utah, the cost of installing a water softener in Salt Lake City may be more or less expensive than other cities in the state. Aside from location, the size of your home and the system’s capacity will be other factors for determining the actual cost of installation.

Different Prices for System Installation

If you’re particular about the cost of installation, then a do-it-yourself project is the best solution to save money. It only costs around $500 for a basic installation kit, but take note that you would have to be skilled in cutting and joining copper and steel pipes. Make sure that the kit has the necessary materials for the particular installation. While it saves you money, a DIY project takes up a significant portion of your time and effort.

A small home with one to two bedrooms will cost between $800 and $1,000 on average for a professional installation. This will only cover minimum installation work, so this may be a better alternative especially if you have zero knowledge about installing water softeners. Larger homes with three or more bedrooms may require homeowners to spend up to $2,500. If you prefer a maximum professional installation, it costs $3,500 on average for bigger units with additional options such as Wi-Fi controls and water purifiers.

Other Costs and Expenses

Man holding moneyInstallation only serves as the first part of the expenses for a water softener system, so choosing the right one will be important if you are more concerned about maintenance costs. For instance, salt-free systems require less maintenance, as you won’t need to purchase or add salt to the system regularly. It also conserves water by having no regeneration cycle, aside from saving electricity since most systems don’t require it.

This system is also a good alternative to ion-exchange softeners, which use chemicals within the system. Ion-exchange are not a good choice if you don’t want drinking water mixed with chemicals. Consulting with a professional remains the best way to find out the most suitable type of water softener at home, including the capacity of your desired system.

Capacity also influences the overall cost of installation, so ask your service provider about this when making an inquiry. High-end models that can handle 75,000 grains per gallon cost $1,800 on average, but it has a higher efficiency for working against scale build-up. A way to determine your household capacity requires you to multiply the number of people at home by 80, and then multiplying again by 10.

When planning a water softener installation at home, it’s better to leave this task to a professional since they’re more capable of knowing the best system for your house. Ask for at least three quotes from different companies before choosing a service provider.

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