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How to Make Your Home Free of Dirt and Grime

Cleaning our homes every week is a hassle that almost every family has to go through. The American Cleaning Institute reports that families spend at least six to seven hours cleaning their homes every week. This shows how much cleaning can take precious time away from our families as it takes so much time during our weekends that there’s nothing left to do but rest by the end of it.

Family time is essential, and you shouldn’t spend so much of your weekend cleaning. There are preventive measures you can do to stop this from happening. One way is to renovate your home so that it accumulates less dirt and grime throughout the week. Here are some ways to do that:

Reduce Counter Space

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Dust is a family’s worse enemy in their homes. It can make everything look dirty, they are triggers for allergies, and they always keep coming back no matter what you do. Cleaning dust from any surface and every counter space in your home can take much of your time. However, by merely removing countertops you do not need, you can lessen the dust that accumulates in your home.

You can also remove or sell old tables that you might no longer be using. Old shelves that store books can also be home to a lot of dust. The best thing you can do is to keep the shelves outside or in the garage. If you want to keep them inside, make sure you keep them standing upright and leaning on one another. Placing them lying down creates more surface for dust, so by making them stand upright, there isn’t much surface for dust to accumulate. This simple home renovation technique can make a difference in your home’s cleanliness. Less dust means less dirt, and less dirt means a cleaner home.

Marble for Your Comfort Room

One of the places that can accumulate a lot of grime is the comfort room. The humidity of your comfort room and the spaces between the tiles give grime and bacteria a lot of room to grow. These can stain your tiles, and cleaning them isn’t easy once the grime and bacteria have settled in. Removing your bathroom tiles and replacing them with marble can fix this problem.

Marble does not easily stain, and it has a smooth surface that grime can’t stick on. Marble is also moisture resistant, making it twice as good as fighting against grime. It’s also very durable, meaning you won’t have to spend so much on maintenance costs. The only downside from renovating into marble is the cost. Still, considering the benefits you can get out of it, you can actually save yourself a lot of time and money by doing so.

Using Crushed-Shells for Home Extensions

Dirt also accumulates outside our homes. Home extensions such as driveways and patios deserve proper cleaning after a month. But many families forget to clean these areas for years, so grime starts to stick in various surfaces, making it a nightmare to clean without a high-powered washer. If this happens, don’t invest in a washer. Just pay a professional to do it for you. However, the best thing you can do is to renovate these extensions entirely.

Most homes come with a concrete driveway. Concrete can easily be stained, and dirt can hide within its surface and eventually turn into grime. It isn’t very cost-efficient either, as maintenance costs for concrete can be quite expensive. So it’s time to replace your concrete driveway with a crushed-shell driveway.

A crushed-shell driveway offers a lot of benefits to homeowners. First, it removes the need to clean the driveway every month or every year. Second, it’s cheaper than any other material out there. Third, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance aside from replacing old shells with new ones every year. Lastly, changing from a concrete driveway to a crushed-shell one isn’t too hard to do.

Crushed-shell is an excellent surface for all kinds of home extensions, not just driveways. Patios can have a more rustic look to them without the disadvantages of having a concrete surface. The garden can also look a little more vibrant with the addition of crushed-shells.

Cleaning your home can bring so much hassle to you and your family. Additionally, if you’ve forgotten to clean some parts of the house, grime can develop, forcing you to sacrifice your entire weekend cleaning it out. However, by following these renovation ideas, you can cut the time you spend cleaning every weekend. This gives you more time for yourself and your family to enjoy.

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