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How to Protect Your Home and Health from the Sun

Natural lighting is important in every home. By allowing enough natural light into your house, you get to brighten and warm up your space without the need for light bulbs or central heating.

But of course, you need to manage natural light properly through the strategic use of window coverings, awnings and patio roofs. Patio roofs, in particular, can also help extend your living space and allow for a shaded area for dining, lounging and recreation.

Importance of Sun-Proofing and Shading

Too much of anything can be bad, and that holds true for sunlight as well. Sunlight can damage wooden furniture, and prolonged direct heat can damage appliances. Wood furniture and decking can fade due to UV light, so it is important to regulate the sunlight that comes in contact with them. This is where patio roofs and awnings come in to shade deck furniture.

Health Repercussions

doctor examining back of an old guyBut a more dire repercussion of sunlight is skin cancer. UV rays can cause skin cancer, and studies have shown that the three most common cancers (basal cell carcinoma, melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma) are due to excessive exposure to UV radiation. Sun damage is cumulative, and everyday exposure to UV light can have lethal effects on one’s health in the long run.

This is why proper home shading and sun-proofing is integral. So, let’s take a look at ways for you to properly sun-proof your home.

Window Coverings – The easiest and most cost-effective way to sun-proof your home and skin is through the use of window coverings such as shades, blinds and drapes. You can even opt to purchase solar shades that can block UV light but still allow light to pass through.

Window Films – Window films are translucent strips of vinyl, polyester or other synthetic materials that are installed to the exterior or interior of your windows’ glass. They block out 99% of UV rays, allowing you to light up your entire home with natural light without worrying about the adverse effects of UV light. This makes residential window films perfect for sunrooms and greenhouses.

An alternative to window films is window tinting, which also helps you insulate your home and provide a level of privacy, as it darkens or obscures the view from outside the home but allows you to see outside.

House and Furniture Layout – The cheapest way for you to avoid damaging your furniture and skin from UV light is to re-arrange your furniture. You can keep your furniture away from direct sunlight by arranging them away from the windows and other areas where light can permeate from. This would also force you not to stay in those areas.

If you often read a book by the window with natural light, for instance, simply move your chair or sofa away from direct sunlight wherein you can still take advantage of the light without being in direct contact with it. Alternatively, you can always cover your furniture with UV-protection slipcovers if you wish to keep them in constant sunlight.

Sunlight is important to light up one’s home and for us to stay healthy by providing us with vitamin D. But as with all things, sunlight exposure should be regulated, as it can damage not only our home and furniture but also affect our health. So take some time to stroll around your home and see if you are having too much sunlight permeate through and make the necessary adjustments to keep your home and health in good shape.

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