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Incorporating an Atrium into a Commercial Space

Traditionally, atriums were skylight-covered or open-air spaces surrounded by a building. In modern times, atriums are usually incorporated right after the main entrance. And many feature big windows and glass glazed roofs. Some are several stories high. The world’s tallest atrium covers 45 stories!

If you have a commercial space, you might want to think about hiring expert event-center builders to incorporate an atrium. Here’s why:

   1. Atriums bring in natural light

Atriums usually feature large windows or skylights. And both of these things allow in plenty of sunlight. And when that happens, the building that houses the atrium ends up with a lot of natural light.

Buildings that maximize the use of natural light end up using less energy to power artificial lighting. Research shows that commercial spaces use 7kWh per square foot on lighting. So the more space you have, the more energy you will consume trying to light it up.

But when you incorporate more natural light, you will need less artificial light. And this will help you cut down on your energy consumption. That makes your building more environmentally friendly. And your space will cost less to maintain.

2. Atriums provide better ventilation

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Atriums are large open spaces that connect all the smaller occupied areas in the building. The warm and stale air from those spaces can be channeled into the atrium. And from there, that air moves outside through the atrium’s opening at the top.

For this reason, atriums help to improve ventilation in the buildings they are in. And a well-ventilated space is much cheaper to maintain. It will not require a complicated HVAC system, so you will consume less energy.

But that’s not all. The better ventilated a building is, the healthier its occupants are. That’s because they will breathe in air that is free from dust, bacteria, bad odors, and other pollutants. The air is, therefore, of higher quality.

3. Atriums serve as a center of attraction

Elevated roof lines, bigger windows, lots of natural light, etc. all work together to make atriums features of attraction in a building. They also help add a feeling of openness to the spaces that they occupy. And because they are usually in a prominent spot, they can be furnished in a way that makes them a gathering place.

You can also include exciting internal features to atriums to fill the space. In addition to furniture for people to sit down and relax in, you can include an enclosed greenhouse, aquariums, and more. All these help to make atriums the main attraction feature. And that helps to boost the wow factor in your commercial space. People will consider your building more memorable for this reason.

When you get the professional services of event-center builders, be on the lookout for those who can incorporate atriums. Doing so will help you create a memorable center of attraction that increases natural light and improves ventilation in the entire building. Overall, you will have lower energy expenses to deal with.

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