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Instagrammable Bathroom Makeovers on a Budget

The bathroom selfie is almost inextricable from social media. Everyone is doing it. Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevinge, Emily Ratajowski, and a bunch of other celebrities have taken and mastered the bathroom selfie.

So, it is no surprise that everyone is unabashedly taking photos of themselves in their bathrooms for everyone to see. The only problem is, unlike celebrities, you do not exactly have a photogenic bathroom which does not make your selfie quite as appealing.

Not everyone, of course, has the money to renovate their own bathroom. However, it is possible to make the space more interesting with just a few affordable additions and adjustments as long as you know which bathroom products to buy. Here are some tips to make your bathroom the ideal spot for selfies.

Light It Up

If you have taken photos in your bathroom, chances are, it is not always flattering. No, there is no problem with your appearance. No matter how expertly you apply makeup if your bathroom is similar to what many households have, you will always take unflattering photos unless you change one thing: the lighting.

Most bathroom lights are not ideal for selfies. Typically, bathrooms have a single light fixture on the ceiling because its only function is to illuminate the entire space. It, unfortunately, is not very flattering. It will create shadows around your features.

What you need to do is to add more light fixtures. Some wall sconces and vanity lights beside the mirror will eliminate the shadows on your face, remove the bags under your eyes, and make your skin look brighter.

Having several lights in one room is ideal. However, if your bathroom can get natural light, it is even better. Daylight is more flattering for your selfies, so choose to take your photos during the day.

Pop a Pop of Colour

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A pop of color can make any drab room more lively. A bold statement color or patterned wallpaper and a nice rug can make your bathroom look upscale and less boring. You can even hang a piece of art to make your selfies interesting.

However, when choosing a pop of color, try to look for one to compliment your skin tone. Unsure what will look good on you? Check your wardrobe or look at photos of your favorite outfits. What colors are most dominant? Most likely, you already have an idea, albeit unconsciously, which colors look best on you based on what you wear most often.

Plants Bring Life

Having plants in your bathroom provides tons of benefits. It filters bad stuff in the air, ensuring that the air you breathe every day is fresh and clean. It also will energize you as soon as you wake up in the morning, preparing you for the day ahead. Plants also will improve your mental health by boosting your mood.

Moreover, plants are naturally photogenic. Nowadays, especially, plants are on-trend. The addition of plants will get your selfies plenty of likes and favorites.

If you do not think you have a green thumb, several plants are very low-maintenance. ZZ plants are tough to kill. It does not need a lot of sunlight to survive and only needs water when its soil is dry. It also will thrive in a very humid environment such as your bathroom.

Do Something with Your Mirror

The bathroom mirror will likely be in a lot of your selfies. So, why not give it a makeover, too?

You can do so many things with your bathroom mirror. You can add smart strip lights around it, give it an elegant frame, or draw on it. Etched glass can give your mirror and your bathroom a vintage look. Even if you do not know how to draw, you can use stencils, tape them on the mirror, and trace the pattern.


A clean bathroom looks better than one that has expensive elements but is cluttered with skincare products and hair tools. Make an effort to put back everything in place. Roll the towelettes.

If you have extra money, get glass containers for consumables such as cotton balls, earbuds, and other items. It will make your self-care station look more uniformed and organized.

Bathroom selfies seem to be a trend that will stick around and remain popular for a long time. If you follow these tips, your bathroom will always be the perfect spot for your social media selfies.

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