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Invest in These 5 Upgrades to Protect Your Home Against Mold and Water Damage

Mold growth and water damage almost always go together. This is because when there is water seeping through cracks and holes in the roof, walls, and ceilings, mold is most likely to grow inside due to moisture buildup. When not addressed immediately, mold growth can cause health issues such as allergic reactions, while water damage can come in different forms such as weakened building foundations and cracked ceilings.

The good news is that homeowners are not powerless about them since they can be easily prevented with diligent maintenance and repairs. Additionally, water damage and mold growth can also be kept at bay with some upgrades.

Here are five home additions that you should consider to prevent water damage and mold growth in your home:

Modern gutter system.

Traditional gutters involve punching nails, screws, and spikes into the home. They also don’t offer protection against the buildup of leaves, mulch, and dirt that could cause structural issues and water damage. WIth modern gutter systems that feature proprietary construction, keeping leaves and debris from accumulating is effortless. Mold growth is likewise prevented since water doesn’t go elsewhere other than the drainage system.

These so-called leaf gutters last longer than traditional gutters and are easier to maintain. Additionally, some manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty, so homeowners are assured of continued technical support and even parts replacement way after the installation date.

Sump pumps.

Properties located in flood plains should be fitted with one or two sump pumps to prevent water damage due to flooding or heavy rains. You should have at least two pumps pre-installed in strategic locations just in case one fails. Additionally, you must test the sump pumps at least once each year to be certain that they are perfectly working.

Sump pumps are accessible and easy to install with just a few hand tools. If you’re not the handy type, you can always tap a professional to install them for you for a few dollars. Come flood season, you’ll surely appreciate just how helpful sump pumps are in managing floodwater and keeping home water damage at bay.

Water leak/flood sensors and alarms.

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Not all water leaks are easily spotted. The truth is, there are leaks so subtle that the only time you’ll discover them is when there’s already visible mold growth or water damage in the floor, walls, or ceilings. Because of this, another home upgrade that you should invest in is a smart water leak detector or flood sensor, preferably with an alarm or notification function.

Such a nifty device can potentially help you save thousands of dollars in water damage expenses, plus the stress of filing a water damage claim with your insurance provider. When shopping, go for detectors that have an automatic water shutoff function, plus instant notification in case a leak is detected. These features may cost you a few extra dollars but the peace of mind and potential savings that you’ll get out of it will easily pay for it.

Slope grading.

This structural upgrade is not well-known among homeowners but is actually one of the best ways to prevent water damage in any private residence. Proper slope grading is a technique that establishes a natural slope from the main structure and into the drainage system.

Ideally, there has to be at least a 2 percent drop from your home going towards your drainage to allow gravity to direct rainwater from your downspouts and away from your home. This will prevent water pooling that causes costly damages to homes. For this, you might need to hire a licensed landscaping copy with the right tools and skilled workers to deliver the best results.

Dehumidifiers and extractor fans.

If mold growth is your primary home problem, then you should purchase and install dehumidifiers and extractor fans to keep moisture levels down. These inexpensive add-ons will help you manage moisture inside your home to prevent mold from growing. Keep in mind that mold absolutely loves humidity and moisture, so the sensible remedy is to keep both triggers in check at all times.

These products are available in most home supplies store, so you should have an easy time buying them. You can personally install the extractor fans to save some dollars or just have a licensed contractor place them in your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas where moisture is frequently present.

These home upgrades will surely cost you a considerable amount of money; however, the benefits you stand to gain from them will be worth it. So, don’t hesitate to open your wallets and invest in these five home upgrades.

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