Ideal Temperature inside your Home

Natural Ways to Maintain the Ideal Temperature inside your Home

A lot of people are exerting a lot of effort into making sure that they have the right temperature at home. And with good reason. By maintaining the temperature of your home at the ideal level, you can be more relaxed, have better sleep at night, and can focus more on your activities. More importantly, maintaining the right temperature of your home also helps keep the growth of mold and bacteria at bay. This is especially important if you have kids at home.

Unfortunately, achieving the right temperature levels do not usually happen on its own. This is why most people consider using an effective – and efficient – HVAC system at home. You probably have one in your own home, too. But did you know that there are natural, alternative ways to keep the temperature of your home at the ideal level? Try some of these tips and see how it works for your home:

Turn on the fan

Turn on the fanOne of the best ways to even out the temperature in your home is to use the fan. A fan creates a breeze inside your home and this breeze can help ease the humid environment during the summer season. The best fan to use is a portable fan or a ceiling fan because these types of fan keep the air inside of your home on the move.

On a very hot day, you may also attach a bag of ice to the rear of your fan to make the breeze cooler.

Another tip is to make sure you turn on your exhaust fan immediately after cooking to drive the hot heat out of your home immediately.

Check your blinds

Consider drawing the curtains or the blinds to keep your home from getting too hot inside.

The rays of the sun may seem quite inviting but you should be aware that keeping your blinds open to let the sunshine in has an effect on the temperature of your home. During the hot and humid summer season, it might be better to skip pulling the blinds open to keep your home from getting too warm.

Go green

Go greenA lot of homeowners opt to cut down trees in their premises to save space. If you are after a cooler home, think twice before cutting down those trees. Perhaps you could even consider planting new ones.

Trees offer shade when you’re outdoors in the scorching summer sun. They also make the air inside your home undeniably fresher and cooler. Not to mention that growing trees can help make the exteriors of your home look nicer and more relaxing.

If you’re up to the idea of growing house plants inside your living space, choose those that are known to absorb warm air and releases a cool moisture into your home such as aloe vera, peace lily, and Boston ferns.

Work on some construction projects

If you have time, try to focus on your eaves or the edges of your roof. Make sure your eaves are stretched out extensively so less sunlight can go in through your home’s exterior. If there is less sunlight, the air inside your home will be cooler.

If your eaves are not yet extended, you may want to have it fixed to make your home less hot during the summer.

Change your sheets

Change your sheetsThe sheets that you are using play a big role in how hot your home feels like, especially when you’re just about ready to hit the sack. When it’s dry and humid, see to it that the sheets you are using are light cotton linens which are more ideal for the summer. Consider the color of your sheets as well – choose lighter shades to make your room fresher.

Grab something cold

If you want to feel a bit of cool moisture immediately, make good use of your freezer. Freeze bottled water in the freezer and lay it down at your feet. This will help keep the temperatures cooler in a very short span of time.

These natural ways to cool the air inside your home is a good way to skip using the AC for a bit when summer hits hard. But once the cool weather creeps in, you should switch to a different set of alternatives to make your home feel a bit warm this time.

Winter Tips

If the weather is getting too cold for comfort, consider reversing some of the recommendations mentioned above. Instead of using thin cotton linens, use darker and heavier linens to warm you up when you sleep at night. This simple shift in your sheets will spell the difference between a good night’s sleep and an unrestful slumber.

Winter TipsAnother tip you might want to undo is with regards to your curtains or blinds. Instead of keeping it drawn, tie it to the sides to the sun’s rays can shine through and provide more warmth inside your home.

If you have candles at home, you could also try lighting those up. Candles can definitely bring much-needed heat inside your home. However, make sure to put the candles out before you go to sleep to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

It’s very uncomfortable to stay inside your home when it’s too cold there but before turning on your heat pumps, why not go for a warm beverage first? A warm cup of brew could warm you up inside, easing the cold weather in some way.

Finally, another alternative is to go solar. Depending on how much budget you have, you could use solar energy to heat up your home. Solar panels in rooms are eco-friendly options and are effective ways to keep your home warm during winter.

Using the HVAC system you have at home is very convenient when the weather is too warm or too cold. But the power required to keep those running are very costly. So if you are up to saving some money – and if the temperature at your home is not yet that extreme – you might want to reach for more natural alternatives to keep the temperature at your home at the ideal level.

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