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Reimagining Your Trash Cans at Home

Currently, even our own home also tends to be a home for different viruses. Catching a disease is very easy, especially if we aren’t clean and sanitary enough with our environment, which is why having a trash can at home is an absolute must if we intend to keep our home safe.

However, admit it, as much as we want our trash cans to be easily accessible, placing them in the right spot where it doesn’t ruin the interior aesthetic of our home is a really tough nut. Sometimes, a simple trash can positioned in the wrong place can ruin the overall look of a relaxing living room.

Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise your safety just to keep your house’s beautiful appearance because we’ve found out that there are many ways for your trash can to serve its purpose of keeping your house clean while also adding to the theme of the room. Apparently, it can do more than what you think. This article will help you redesign and reimagine your trash can.

Trash Can DIY

If you’re a fan of the good old trash can and you’ve just really gotten used to its compact, small size, then don’t worry. There are a few things that you can do to redesign it. The following are some tricks in remaking your very own trash can.

Rope Trash Can

This DIY trash can is particularly popular with nautical décor enthusiasts. All you need is a rope. Wrap it around your trash can using wood glue or whatever kind of adhesive would work, and you’ll have a more good-looking trash can in no time.

Spray-painted Trash Can

If you don’t have that much time in your hands and are looking for a faster way to redesign your trash can, then spray painting it will do. All you have to do is spray on it with a layer or two of white paint, then add a few accessories like a pom-pom. Just make sure that you know the safety precautions when using spray paints.

Plastic Bag Trash Can

This one requires a lot of time and patience, but it’s definitely worth it! Instead of throwing your plastic bags away and harming our planet, why not use them to redecorate your trash can? Just tie each plastic bag end to end so that you have three long lines of plastic bags, then braid them all together and glue them around your trash can.

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Trash Can Ideas for Your Home

If you want a more subtle look for your trash can, say no more. With the following ideas on where to put your trash can, you can completely hide it or disguise it as something else. Look at some things you can do at home for your trash can.

Pull-out Drawer

A kitchen island or a bar at home where you do all your cooking preparations is actually the perfect spot for a trash can. By installing a compartment inside which you can pull out with the help of a few small wheels, you can have a pull-out drawer trash can for easier disposal of waste from cooking. Don’t forget to mention this to your contractor when you hire services for remodeling your kitchen.


Using a tilt is a good way to hide your trash can. If you have a small cabinet at home which you don’t use anymore, you can easily build one! Instead of pulling it out like the pull-out drawer, the tilt allows you to open it just enough so that you can take out the trash can inside.

Use a Curtain

This is actually pretty clever. All you need is an open cabinet in which you can put your trash can inside and then look for your most adorable curtain. Place a hook on each side of the cabinet and use it to hang your curtain.

Word Stickers

The thing is, you don’t always have to hide your trash can. You can try making it look better with stickers! Having different trash cans at home and labeling them according to the different kinds of trash is a fun and easy way to improve its look!

Being responsible with waste disposal not only helps in cleaning the environment, but you also get to set an example for your children and other people, showing them that you’re doing something about a problem that concerns us all.

This is why having a trash can for a specific type of waste right at your home is very important. You might think that it’s just for you, but the truth is, if you have your trash can at home and you use it properly, you’re doing the world a favor. And if you know how to make it look better, you’re upgrading your home’s visual aesthetics.

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