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Seamless Gutter Myths Busted

Seamless gutters are in vogue. Seven out of every 10 American houses have them, quickly pushing the traditional sectional ones to oblivion. Most people prefer them because they minimize the chances of leaks and have a uniform appearance. But if they are so great, why haven’t the other 30% of homeowners invested in seamless gutter installation yet?

The only reasonable explanation is that the benefits of these fixtures are still unclear to them. If you are one of the last ones who continue to use the sectional kind for roof drainage, advance your knowledge of the seamless gutter system to know what you are missing out.

To appreciate them for what they are really about, bury these erroneous notions about them:

  1. Seamless Gutters Are Made from Vinyl

They are made from metal and are available in three options: aluminum, steel, and copper. Because they are not made from plastic and are not manufactured in thin pieces, seamless gutters are much less likely to sag and to crack.

Many vinyl gutters come in cheap varieties too. Even the thicker and more expensive versions are not designed to survive in extreme climates.

  1. Seamless Gutters Are 100% Seamless

If truth be told, a seamless gutter system is not entirely transparent. It consists of straight shots of metal that run the entire stretch of the house. But the sections still need to be pieced together around the corners.

Aluminum and steel seamless gutters are sealed with silicone while the copper ones are riveted or soldered. Furthermore, the downspouts and end caps come in separate pieces and have to be attached to them.

  1. Seamless Gutters Are DIY-friendly

No, they are not. First of all, it is ill-advised to DIY any gutter problem because of the inherent danger of performing a demanding task from a height while standing on a ladder. Also, you will not find stock seamless gutters anywhere; they are made on site with a portable machine.

  1. Seamless Gutters Are Clog-proof

The edge of seamless gutters over sectional ones is the absence of ridges along the bottom. Since seamless pieces are made from unmarred metal, their interiors are smooth and have no obstructions that may trap debris and water.

However, standard seamless gutters are uncovered. If you have tall trees in the yard close enough to your house, none of the sections of the system can deter falling leaves. You still need to add protection to your seamless gutter system to help keep each piece free from debris all year long.

Man cleaning a seamless gutter

  1. Seamless Gutters Are Costly to Maintain

This perception stems from the fact that the entire run of a seamless gutter must be replaced when damaged. Despite this potential downside, it is wrong to think that a seamless gutter system will eat into your home maintenance budget. It is actually the contrary.

Seamless gutters are less susceptible to leakage because their gaps are only present in corner joints. They are made from generally rustproof material; even steel is coated with a protective finish to inhibit corrosion.

You can argue that you never had a problem with your old sectional gutters, but it is only a matter of time before they let you down. Indeed, going seamless can eliminate most of the possible roof drainage problems that you might encounter.

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