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Sleeping in Style: Smart Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Your small bedroom may stop you from getting your dream king size bed, but you may be surprised at how it can work for your benefit in terms of getting a better night’s sleep. For that sleep that will give you the right amount of rest, experts recommend doing all other stimulating activities outside your bedroom. Distractions such as watching TV, surfing the Internet and checking your social media, and taking your work home can all harm your sleep patterns. So, the fewer items you have in your bedroom, the more inclined you are to go to bed early. Sounds like the perfect bedroom setup, right?

A cramped bedroom may feel a little claustrophobic, but with the right style strategies and creative layout, you’ll be able to create a space that may not precisely be bigger but will at least feel more spacious. From your choice of furniture pieces to low-maintenance laminate flooring for your Sta. Ana, California home, all these may contribute to a roomier space for sleeping. Here are some designer tricks you can steal:

Push your bed up against the corner wall

When you look at interior design magazines for bedrooms, most of them place the bed in the center of the room. However, if you have a narrow floor space, this type of layout will not work for you. To make the most of your available floor space, tuck your bed up against a corner or a wall. Doing this will not only free up more space, but it will also make your room feel a lot cozier. Prevent that dorm-like atmosphere and add a two headboard corner system for a more elegant appearance.

Go for a neutral palette

Interior design experts highly recommend going for a neutral palette when working with a limited amount of space. Throughout the space, stick to subdued, natural colors for a cohesive look. For your sheets, go for white cotton, a white linen duvet, and a quilted throw pillow in a neutral shade for a layered look that won’t require using a ton of bold colors for that added pop. After all, too vibrant a color can make the space feel a bit cluttered.

Mount your chosen lighting system

Modern interior of bedroom

Instead of getting table lamps that will take up more space, go for wall-mounted lights instead. Get rid of nightstands as much as possible, and go for a nice string of bulb lights on your wall. Make sure they don’t look too Christmas-y and overdone; otherwise, you won’t be able to relax in your bedroom at all. Doing this sort of lighting system will give your bedroom a more calming vibe without looking like you didn’t put much thought in it.

Finally, consider letting go of the bed with a large bed frame. A simple modern headboard will complete the look of your bed without the use of all that unnecessary space. You can also go for a Hollywood-style frame supporting the bottom of the bed. Finish everything off with a nice piece of art above the bed.

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