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Storm and Hurricane Prepping: Is Your Home Ready?

Every family should be prepared for any storm. Most emergency broadcasts and news outlets would warn families to stock up on supplies such as water and food and make emergency evacuation bags if ever there is a need to evacuate. However, amidst all the preparations for the family’s health and safety, people often forget to secure and protect their shelter from the storm. Here are some ways to prepare for a storm by fortifying your house and minimising damage to your property.


It’s necessary to fortify your home against strong winds and downpours, so storm-guarding should be one of your priorities when readying for a storm. You can use hurricane straps to fasten your house’s roof to the house’s frame to prevent potential roof damage. Reinforcing your entry doors with head and foot bolts can help prevent it from being blown open or away by strong winds.

You should also invest in storm shutters to minimise the potential damage to your windows and prevent rain and wind from going and blowing inside your home. Any attached structures such as carports, sheds, and canopies should be safely secured to the ground. If you fear that they can be blown away, try to disassemble them and secure them somewhere else. Lastly, test your drains to make sure you have proper drainage to avoid clogging and flooding inside your home.

Prepare Your Trees

Falling branches or trees getting uprooted can cause significant damage to your home, vehicles, or even injuries. As such, it’s important also to prepare your trees before a storm. You can do preventive tree pruning to reduce the risks of falling branches and other hazards. If you don’t have the time, tools, and expertise, many professional tree care services can do the necessary tasks to prepare the trees in your area before the storm.

Purchase Sandbags for Flooding

When the storm or hurricane hits, you’d have to expect flooding. So, it’s crucial to find a way to divert water away from your home. You can do so by using sandbags around your home to help divert the water from going inside.

Clean Your Rain Gutters

Man cleaning the gutterYour gutters should be clear from any debris before the storm to allow water to flow away from your home.

Secure Your Fences and Decks

Strong winds and flooding can dislodge your fences and decking. So, make sure that your fences are properly secured to avoid being thrown by heavy winds. You should also check for any loose nails and boards in your decking which could be blown away by the wind or be dislodged by strong streams of water.

Review Your Insurance

Lastly, it’s important to review your home’s insurance coverage and make sure it covers wind damage. If not, you’ll probably want to purchase one before the storm or hurricane arrives. You should also check for insurances that cover flooding and flooding damages. You’d want you and your house to be thoroughly covered by your insurance so you won’t go bankrupt when dealing with the repairs after the storm.

It’s important to have your family and your home prepared in case of a storm. With proper preparations, you can limit the possible damages to your home. Invest in storm-guarding equipment and supplies and take the time to prepare your entire property.

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