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The Advantages of Using Designer Wallpaper

Have you ever imagined your room or your home giving the same outdoor feels as the beach? Maybe you are more artistic; you want to see your four-walled space in an abstract setting? Then designer wallpaper is right for you. Whether abstract, small print, architectural, striped, toile, animal, or beach wallpaper, the aesthetical value you can get from designer wallpaper is immense. More manageable than paint, designer wallpaper is crisp and easy to hang. To get you going with your hopes to redesign your spaces, keep reading.

Key Benefits of Designer Wallpaper

  • It is durable and cleanable – Designer wallpaper lasts long as it is easy to clean and is very durable. It can hold up to the wear and tear that activities at home can cause it. In fact, it can last five times longer than paint. To use paint, you need some knowledge of how to apply and maintain it. But with wallpaper, a typical 10- to 15-year lifespan requires minimal maintenance.
  • It is easy to install and remove – Unlike paint, wallpaper is easy to install and remove. Even with manual installation, one only needs to set up the wallpaper and start pasting it. There are some available technologies now, like a paste-the-wall technology, to make it even easier. When removing wallpaper, pulling it down simply is as convenient as unboxing a gift.
  • It adds character and life – Of course, wallpaper is made to enliven your space, so make it more like you. By having choices, ranging from options with texture, pattern, to color, you are able to make an artwork of your own environment. Pick wallpaper for a feature wall or mural, or styles like a faux finish, all to bring out your character to life. Maybe you need some drama by accenting your walls and covering your doors creatively. With wallpaper, you dictate style and comfort.

Installing Designer Wallpaper

Man holding rolls of wallpaperWhile you need some help if you want to hang your wallpaper manually, it is not really difficult. It is good to make good measurements first. Then you can start hanging.

  • Cut the wallpaper properly – Since designer wallpaper is sold in rolls, you need to make precise cuts when you start hanging. Each cut must fit the measurement of the wall. When there are patterns in the wallpaper, your cuts must still follow the patterns to avoid uneven ones.
  • Apply paste carefully – Applying paste should be done with care. Make sure that you mix the paste as per manufacturer instructions. Using a pasting brush and a pasting table, apply the paste from the center then going outwards until you reach the edges. Do not let the paste dry out before installation.
  • Smoothen the wallpaper – Install the wallpaper starting from the middle of the wall, then work outwards. When smoothening, make sure that air bubbles are flattened out. Do this from the center out as you have done in papering. Wipe off excess paste and make necessary trims.

Designer wallpaper is a great alternative to paint. It does not only provide a better visual appeal, but it is also very easy to install and maintain. If you think that your room needs that look that interior designers are expert at, use designer wallpaper and be amazed.

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