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Staircase Makeover: The Best Way to Transform Your Stairs

Surely, you still love your house the same way you did when it was being built or when you first got it. But through the years, you might start to find the interior looking too plain and dull, so you want to freshen things up a little, especially during this pandemic when you’re encouraged to stay home more often. 

Having your stairs carpeted is one of the easiest, most affordable decorations you can use to spice up your staircase. Carpeting stairs can be more achievable than painting them, especially if you’re not much of an artist and you want things done more quickly.

Why Is a Carpeted Staircase Best for You?

Whether you’re concerned about aesthetics or just the improvement of your home, you can choose how you want your staircase to look. If you’re one of those people who are more into warmth and coziness, adding carpets to your home is best. It also adds safety from spills and socks, especially if you have children and the elderly around. Light sleepers will most benefit on carpeted staircase since it makes footsteps less noisy.

Although hardwood floors are just as great, a carpet for your stairs can add more character and personality to your home. It can light up the dullness and lighten up the vibe.

When You Decide to Have a Carpeted Staircase…

Before you finalize your decision, you should think through what kind of flooring you already have in your home. It’s after that when you get to decide what kind of carpet is best to purchase. Would you like your stairs full-carpeted? Do you prefer a runner? Stair carpeting cost less than redoing the entire stairs. But the choice of carpet is not completely up to you. The carpet has to be accurate for fitting depending on the flooring measurements already built-in to avoid falls and slipping. 

Warning: Carpets on stairs can be the cause of fall injuries

In the UK, though the elderly and young children are the most targets of stair falls, it turns out to be common among young adults as well. 

While carpets can make your home look fresher, it is more important to be smart and cautious about safety. The carpet can sometimes be disarranged so that one might miss the edge and fall. 

Installing stair treads is the most common thing to do. Although treads can be slippery when old, with regular replacement, it should be fine. Furthermore, removing rugs on both ends is a good start since they’re a tripping hazard. Together with toys, books, electrical cords, and decors, remove all clutters. The staircase must stay clear at all times. Another great thing to do is to increase lighting, yet not too glaring, just to have better visibility on the stair path. Also, don’t forget strong and durable handrails.

With proper care, your and your family’s safety is guaranteed. 

How to Care for the Carpet

Since carpets can be dirtier than toilet seats, carpet cleaning is a major responsibility. The best way to care for your carpet is to clean it regularly with a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Often heavy vacuuming can ruin your carpet and make it look old and dingy for a short time. If you don’t have a lightweight vacuum, you can use a little brush or broom to gather dirt and hair from each stairstep to make the vacuuming easier and less heavy.

For once in a while, you should bathe your carpet with a proper shampoo. Doing this banishes bad odors and prevents the carpet from being a health hazard, such as allergies and asthma. 

There can come a time when you can no longer do anything anymore despite doing all the things mentioned previously. Even scrubbing that noticeable, annoying stain with vinegar and baking soda can’t fix it. But it can be to your relief that there are cleaning services.

While it is quicker and more affordable than any other way to get your staircase a makeover, there are things that you must consider first—the quality, measurements, durability, and thickness. Before choosing carpets to be your flooring, it is important to think about safety. If you’re more into aesthetics, it is still doable to be meticulous to both appearance and safety.

Check and rearrange the carpet as often as you can; clear the path at all times. Remember that anyone can be a victim of falling down the stairs, not just young children and the elderly.

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