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What Is the Average Cost of Building a Conservatory?

When you choose among different conservatory or garden room designs, the size and type of materials will primarily determine the actual size.

On average, it would cost $10,000 to build a small one that measures 10×10 feet. This would typically be reserved as a small sitting area in your home, whether as an extension or a detached room. A 10×15-foot conservatory as a garden office would cost at least $25,000, while a 10×10-foot living room extension and dining room extension would cost $35,000 and $50,000, respectively. If you already have an existing greenhouse, it’s possible to convert it to a livable space by spending as low as $5,000.

Materials and Frames

Homeowners who plan to build a conservatory from an existing space could save money, instead of creating a new one. The need for fewer materials and shorter labor time will help you to limit your expenses. In case you don’t plan on growing plants inside, you can choose to install a tile roof for $3,000 instead of using glass.

A glass roof will cost twice as much, although this is necessary if you intend on using the space for raising plants. When it comes to the type of frame, timber is the most affordable choice, but wooden frames require regular maintenance in exchange for having a natural look. Aluminum and metal are low-maintenance options, but these might be problematic for your insulation and cost more than wood.

On the other hand, vinyl is a more affordable low-maintenance option for framing conservatories and garden rooms. You only need to be sure that it’s thick enough for structural safety. Keep in mind that conservatories and garden rooms are different from sunrooms.

Knowing the Differences
sunroom by the garden

Sunrooms are a cheaper way to expand your home and add more living space. Hence, these are an extension of your home as opposed to a conservatory or garden room that could either be a part of the house or a stand-alone structure. You should consider building a sunroom if you want more enclosure and not as much sunlight.

You will require a permit to build any of these extensions. Some homeowners can become too excited that they forget this vital part of the planning stage. Even if you create one that measures below 10×10 feet, you could still be required to obtain a permit before moving forward with the project.

If you’re still confused about the differences, you can consult a home builder that specializes in building conservatories preferably for several years. It’s easier to check the quality of work by an older company since it already has worked on more projects, unlike a relatively new one.

In the end, while you can further stretch your budget by building a conservatory by yourself, it might not be worth the effort when there’s a chance that something will not be installed properly. You have to remember that the process of building conservatories can be a complicated one because of the need to build a foundation, a roof, and an electrical system.

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