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Why Carpet Beetles are Known Hidden Pests

When you ask people around the world about the pests in their house, the usual answers would be cockroaches, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and termites. When you have pets, you can add the fleas and ticks on the list. The common response is to spray insecticide and clean the house, but what would be better is to have complete carpet and upholstery cleaning, which, as Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Orpington noted, is a service you can avail in Orpington and other cities.

There are hidden threats inside your house, specifically in your carpet. Carpet beetles are hardly visible, and can easily be lost in the fabric. This is a threat you should be informed about.

What Carpet Beetles Do to Humans

The carpet beetles do not necessarily bite humans like mosquitoes and ants do. However, they do cause an itchy rash. These rashes look bumpy and are often blamed on bedbugs. These bumps are caused by the contact with hair fibers on the beetle larvae. These airborne fibers will irritate the respiratory tract or other exposed organs, like the eyes.

You might ask, how can these fibers become airborne and get in contact with our eyes? The adult carpet beetles can fly, and they can move all around the house. They don’t like to spend the winter outdoors so they will try to get inside the house.

Possible Infestation

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If you do not have treatment from professional pest service, the carpet beetles could be able to settle in your homes and infest inside the walls. They can feed on dead insects, mice and other rodents, dead birds, and wasp nets. They can also move out of the walls and bother your living area.

They are called carpet beetles because they lay their eggs in moist areas where the larvae can find food, specifically, carpets and upholstery, wool sheets and curtains, silk clothing, blankets, and foam sheets. They also thrive on synthetic fabrics especially when they have oil, sweat or food droppings. When these carpet beetles have contact with your skin, the fibers become airborne.

Carpet Beetles vs. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are already notorious and more homeowners are now conscious of their existence and the harm that they bring. Thus, many carpet beetle effects are blamed on them. The carpet beetles do share some similarities with bedbugs — they are attracted to people because of the carbon dioxide that we exhale. Carpet beetles are hard to catch since they are usually hiding, and they emerge during the early morning hours.

Protection and Extermination

If you find eggs in your dining area or pantry that could belong to the carpet beetles, it is best to ensure that all food packs are sealed because they can lay eggs on them.

Due to their nature to hide and thrive on places that are hard to access, it is easier to seek professional solutions to get rid of them. Carpet beetles will always attempt to return to your house and hiring an exterminator with a comprehensive pest elimination plan can rid your house of all pests. There would be some exterminators whose packages would include sealing off the walls and crevices that can be entry points in the house.

For the health-conscious homeowner, it is not enough to eat healthy food and develop healthy habits, knowing there are harmful insects all around. Carpet beetles should be eliminated if you do not want to end up with various infections.

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