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Why More Homeowners Now Love Tasmania

Tasmania is a place endowed with natural beauty and resources. There is little to no air pollution here, and the cool climate supports its unique flora and fauna. The Australian state has fascinating rainforests, wetlands, picturesque mountain ranges and more.

If you love nature, you will certainly love living in Tasmania. You will have access to walking tracks, reserves and national parks every day. You will never run out of things to do here.

Booming Housing Market

There has been a dramatic boom in Tasmania’s housing industry, and there is no apparent sign that it will slow down any time soon. The Tasmania Real Estate Institute reveals that the median house prices here have increased to up to 13% from last year. When compared to Sydney and other locations, there is a calculated drop of 1.8% for the same time frames.

Cost-Efficient Housing Plans

The average house here as of 2016 costs $350,000, which is a fraction of the homes found in Sydney or Melbourne, where properties can cost $650,000 to as much as $950,000.

Laidback Lifestyle

Tasmania’s main cities, Launceston and Hobart, are the largest in terms of population and geography. Despite this, life in these cities is laidback and very slow paced. They aren’t as densely packed as other urban cities in neighbouring suburbs. What’s good is that they are just a short drive from the main city centres.

Island Life Just 3 Hours from the City

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If you love the water and island living, you are in for a treat in Tasmania. A quick road trip from the cities of Hobart and Launceston, you can reach amazing seaside and mountain views that are sure to take your breath away. It’s clearly a different perspective, especially if you’ve come from a highly urbanised area.

Residents moving to Tasmania hire house removalists from Melbourne to take care of their belongings during the transition. What’s surprising is that people realise they need fewer things when they start to live simpler, quieter lives.

Amazing Wine and Food Scene

With Tasmania’s natural resources, food and drink choices are always plentiful. There are also lots of farmers markets, cafes, pubs, diners, restaurants and wineries to cater to your discriminating palate. What’s even better is that the prices are affordable, and you’ll even get to know the actual people or families producing these wines and food items.

Great Culture and Arts

The fusion of culture and arts in Tasmania has resulted in an eclectic influence. You can enjoy the best music festivals at their famous museum MONA, which is found in Hobart. Local markets are also brimming with arts and crafts, so residents and guests can enjoy the unique culture that is only found in Tasmania.

Tired of the daily hustle and bustle of city life? Find solace in Tasmania, where life is good, laidback and worry-free. You can create the life of your dreams here. Tasmania is the place to be if you are considering to move out of Australia’s big cities and enjoy a life filled with nature, fun and excitement.

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