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3 Spring Landscaping Tips for Commercial Property

A well-maintained landscape in a commercial property creates a good impression and gives a sense of perfection and attention to detail. Besides, when a commercial property is maintained well, there is a lower chance of hazards and mishaps to your staff. Despite the benefits, maintaining your landscape requires planning and expertise. If you are looking to improve your outdoors, there is no better time to start other than spring.

Spring in Grande Prairie, Canada, is characterized by great weather that allows you to prepare for the growing season. Getting commercial mowers to start working on your lawn during this weather is a great idea that will ensure that your landscape remains healthy and vibrant for the season. Maintaining a landscape is a year-round job. However, there are a couple of things that you can do during spring to keep your landscape looking excellent and well-kept.

Landscape Assessment

It is essential to conduct a full assessment of your landscape to determine if there are any problems brought about by the harsh winter weather. Check the pavements for any unsafe conditions such as loose paving, debris, or sinkholes. You should also check the irrigation system for any damage to sprinklers, valves, and the controller. Having all these issues fixed is essential before landscaping begins.

Weed and Insect Control

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Spring is the time to prevent weed and insect infestations before they get out of control. Use herbicides to ensure that weeds don’t reappear. You should also spray insecticides to eliminate bugs and other insects that might cause damage to your plants. When choosing chemicals for weed and insect control, ensure to select those that use safe ingredients. Those in charge of applying the chemicals should also take preventive measures to ensure that there is no harm to the environment of employees.


Before you think of plants, decide the features you would like to include in your garden. Winter can be harsh on existing features on your garden. Therefore, check their condition and ensure that they are repaired. You can also get in touch with experts in hardscaping to determine which features will offer value to employees if added to the landscape. There are many factors to consider when choosing features to add to your hardscaping. Keep in mind your budget and the available space whenever you are selecting hardscape features.

Don’t forget the soil quality when preparing your landscape. User fertilizer to encourage the growth of seedlings and improve the health of existing plants. Use mulch in flower beds to retain moisture and prevent encroachment of weeds. If you have plants already growing, make sure that they are trimmed so that they don’t encroach pathways.

Your efforts to improve the looks of your commercial space will not go unnoticed if you consider the tips mentioned above. Besides, a garden that looks great will make a positive impact on your employees as well as potential clients. If you own the place and you are willing to sell it in the future, then having a good landscape can help increase the value of your investment.

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