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Customizing Options for Different Window Treatments

People now realize that windows are not just basic functional elements in their property. They are design elements and have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your property.

While you might not have much influence on your windows’ functionality and energy efficiency, you can influence their design with the right treatment. Some of your window treatment options include shutters, blinds, curtains, and blinds. There are currently different brands for these window treatments.

Hunter Douglas nonetheless remains the leading brand for those looking for the best for their New Jersey properties and those beyond. Other than the optimal manufacturing of their window treatment products, this brand also offers various customization alternatives for your window treatments.

The following are the customization ideas that will work for different options:

Roman Shades

These work for a broad range of interior looks owing to their elegant and clean design. You can customize roman shades by choosing different colors and fabrics for them with particular imprinted designs.

A fresh and sunny color with playful designs will, for instance, work for rooms aiming for a relaxed and laid-back look. If then again you want the look of roman shades but are apprehensive about their care and operation, opt for faux roman shades. These primarily have an aesthetic role and hence come in numerous colors and patterns.

Roller Blinds

Typical blinds are made of slats adjusted through their rotation from open to closed positions to allow their overlapping. Roller blinds are easy to clean, maintain and install, convenient to use, and fit virtually all contemporary interiors.

The best way to customize your roller blinds is by matching them to one of the key elements of your room like a piece of furniture. Thankfully, roller blinds are inexpensive. As such, you can get different ones to match any changing details in your room without breaking the bank.


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There are various customizing alternatives for curtains. The best option is the customization of the pleats. Highly pleated panels make for the most exceptional looking drapes. The standard, European, and goblet pinches are some of your pleat options.

Standard pinch pleats are elegant and ideal for showing off fine drapery fabrics. European pinch pleats have a modern look and work best with heavy drapery fabrics. Goblet inch pleats, on the other hand, are luxurious and work well with drapery fabrics with little or no patterns.


Shutters are stable and solid window covers that frame your windows completely and will be operated using louvers. They can not only be customized to fit your window’s arches and angles but also include cuts to fit around obstructions such as handles, air conditioners, and cranks.

You can also customize the tilt of your window shutters into rear or front tilts. Rear tilt bars are however your go-to choice if you want to maximize your view through.

Window treatments need not mean the same old boring ones of yesteryears and the same ones as your neighbors’. Thanks to the above tidbits, you are now wiser on your available customization options for window treatments. You can thus transform the entire look of your property and personalize it using window treatments.

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