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4 Fantastic Advantages of Using Birch for Your Next Building Project

If you have a building project coming up and are looking to try on using Birch plywood, you have made the right choice. Plymasters and other industry experts list some reasons why it makes a great building material and a great alternative for any project.

1. Stains Well

Staining is an integral part of any woodwork project, and Birch plywood takes stain well. This wood material is well liked by woodworkers and DIY-ers, particularly because it is easy to use, as it does not crack or splinter easily.

Thanks to its natural close grain texture, it takes stain well and results in an even finish, with an attractive and elegant sheen. This makes it an ideal material for paneling and cabinet woodwork, as well as sleek and upscale furniture. This type of hardwood holds screws well, so you can be sure of a cleanly assembled furniture piece that will hold and last for a long time.

2. Durable

The hardness of Birch is highly comparable to other popular hardwood, like oak and walnut. It even makes a good alternative to maple. If you are looking for paneling materials, using Birch plywood is ideal, thanks to its sturdiness and strength — the two important qualities to look for in any wood building material. It is also widely used for bracing, as well as for the structural components of furniture pieces, to give it a sturdier and more stable build quality.

3. Close Grain

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As mentioned, this type of wood has a close grain, meaning it has a smoother texture compared to that of other similar types of hardwood.

It does not splinter or gouge easily. This very nature is what makes it a safe wood material to use for various woodwork projects, such as cabinets, shelves, drawers, and even big furniture pieces like tables and wooden benches. It is also a popular wood choice for making children’s furniture, children’s toys, as well as high-end furniture. It is safe to work with for woodworkers and safe to use for children as well as adult consumers.

4. Cost-Effective

Considering the advantages of using this plywood, it is easy to see that it is definitely a bang for your buck. You get the same quality and strength of the material from a much easier type of hardwood to work with, especially with power tools.

It is a breeze to work with and because of its sturdy nature, it is extremely shock resistant. It is a cost-effective building material, from start to finish. It is an affordable raw material and makes for a long-lasting finished product that you can enjoy for many years.

Eager to start your next building project? Work your magic using Birch plywood. You can have it stained, unstained, or painted in the hue of your choice. You can definitely make something you will love and admired by anyone who sees the finished product. If you are looking for a type of hardwood that stays well, does not nick or crack easily, prevents splinter accidents, easy to cut, easy to drill, then this wood is the best option for you.

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