Furnace Maintenance: What to Do During Wintertime

One of the most hardworking components in your home during wintertime is your furnace. Because you want to ensure that your family is warm and cozy, it’s vital that your furnace functions properly. As a bonus, a well-maintained furnace will deliver maximum heat output without the risk of hazardous emissions and wasted energy. To make sure that your furnace functions optimally in winter, do the following maintenance tasks:

Start Performing Maintenance Even Before Winter Arrives

Reduce the risk of your furnace acting up when you need it most by performing furnace maintenance annually. HVAC experts, such as American Comfort Air, recommend that you inspect and maintain your furnace accordingly before the start of the summer months. It’s also a good idea to conduct a second inspection and maintenance, if required, during the spring just to make sure that everything is fine.

Do a Simple Eye Test

Prior to doing anything to your furnace, do a quick inspection first. Check if the venting pipe is angled right and securely fastened. See if the AC’s drainage tubes are fastened properly as well. Likewise, check the gas flex—if you smell an aroma like rotten eggs, this means that your furnace has a gas leak that requires repair immediately.

Do Some Dusting and Vacuuming

Dirt, debris, and dirt can lead to a malfunctioning furnace, or worse, a completely broken down furnace. To prevent dust buildup, utilize a soft-bristled brush for brushing dust off the furnace’s interior components. This will loosen dirt and dust buildup without damaging the components. After you’re done brushing, use a vacuum to get rid of the debris.

Inspect and Change the Furnace Filter

furnace filter change

Before winter, make sure to check the furnace filter. If it needs changing, do so right away to ensure efficient operation of your furnace when winter comes.

Make Sure the Flame Sensor Is Clean

The flame sensor should ideally be cleaned once a year since a filthy flame sensor can prevent your furnace from functioning altogether. Unscrew the flame sensor and hold it carefully at the bottom while cleaning it with a clean, soft cloth. After cleaning, place it back and make sure it’s secure.

Check the Thermostat Wires

Shut off the power and remove the furnace doors. Pull on the wires slightly to see if they’re properly fastened or if they require an adjustment.

Consider Getting Professional Help

In the event that you don’t feel 100% certain of your ability to do some or all of these maintenance tasks, don’t hesitate to get professional help. This will help ensure that your furnace will be meticulously inspected and repaired as needed.

Keeping your trusty furnace in tip-top shape before winter arrives is immensely important for your family’s comfort and safety. Therefore, if at all possible, perform your furnace maintenance tasks as early as you can. Keeping these maintenance tips in mind and applying them at the right time will help prepare your furnace for the cold winter months. As a result, you and your family will be guaranteed a blissfully warm winter season.

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