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A New Look for Your House amid the Global Health Crisis

As many people were stuck at home waiting for the situation to get better only to be met with disappointment as reports show that the virus is spreading fast, interests in home renovations skyrocketed. These home improvements were caused by the need for a distraction from the current situation or time we finally have to do some repairs and redecoration.

Based on a 2020 report, 57% of American homeowners made some home improvement. While most of us were having Zoom meetings during the day, taking up new hobbies, and planning what home improvement project we wanted to do next, we were also helping the home improvement industry grow. So much so that according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there was a 22.6% increase in demands for products from hardware stores and home centers.

Creating the New Normal Home

As the pandemic is still far from being declared over, the home renovation trend will likely not stop any time soon. In fact, 71% of homeowners said they would continue improving their homes until the foreseeable future.

If you’re already a part of the home renovation club, then you may be looking for new ideas on how you can continue your project. If you haven’t gotten around to making some home improvements yet, then it’s time to consider starting it while you have so much time in your hands. Here are some ideas that you may want to look into:

  • Backyard gardening

It’s pretty common these days to drive around and see some renovation going on. The sounds of jackhammers, power saws, and hammering became like a ubiquitous sound in American neighborhoods. Even when you go online, people always post about a new part of their house that they remodeled. And one of the most common parts of our houses that we renovated is our backyards which many people turned into a garden.

The pandemic has propelled gardening into a new trend in a pandemic-torn society. A survey showed that a quarter of their respondents started gardening to cope with the situation. Some even took their hobby to the next level by building oak pergolas to grow vines that eventually produce some vegetables.

So, if you still haven’t explored the full potential of your green thumb, now is the perfect time to do it. It’s good for the environment and also for your overall health.

  • Smart home device installation

A survey showed that 19% of homeowners upgraded their homes by installing technology-enabled controls for their thermostats, lighting, and smoke detectors. Some households also installed some additional security like CCTV, electronic door locks, and smoke detectors.

This type of home improvement is beneficial as we need to add security to our houses to feel safer. Even if we are mostly at home, it’s still unpredictable what could happen, so a few hundred dollars to help us worry less shouldn’t hurt. Also, these technologies allow us to manage our houses better and the costs of living in them. It sounds like it’s worth it.


  • Porch and patio decoration

The pandemic has reshaped how we see our houses. Now, every corner and outdoor space had become important, especially during the lockdown when our decks and porches were the furthest we could go out. Many homeowners decided it was time to revamp these spaces by adding chairs, tables, hammocks, and plants to make it homier. You can consider it a way of being hopeful that in the near future, you can have guests over and hang out in these spaces without having to worry about the virus.

  • Interior and exterior painting

Of course, the parts of our house that are constantly exposed to sunlight change color and fade. So, it’s no surprise why around 19% of homeowners painted the exterior parts of their houses to bring back the original color they chose for it.

As for the interiors, 34% of households painted their walls and put up some shelves, wall art, tapestries, and more. These may be a little time-consuming, especially if you do it yourself, but it’s also a relaxing and therapeutic home improvement activity.

Transforming a House into a Comfortable Home

The pandemic has caused a shift in the way many people think about their houses and relationships. More have started to prioritize their spaces, families, and well-being. Everyone aims to become better, especially amid tough times. If this trend continues, society might see more houses that feel like home with happier families living in them in the future. Let’s hope that it will continue even after the health crisis is over.

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