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Nature-inspired Designs to Turn Your Home into a Vacation Spot

Surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature can envelop you in a calming vibe and replenish your energy levels. With this, you can take on the challenges of the week. When one thinks of relaxation, the first thought that comes to mind is to embark on a trip and head to a place surrounded by nature.

Knowing the soothing effects of nature, you can benefit from it daily, even without stepping outside your residence. To experience a vacation-like lifestyle, you can modify your home using nature-inspired designs. Combine them with modern touches to make your house stand out.

Tropical Paradise

Tropical destinations are among the most popular vacation spots. If you want to experience living in a tropical paradise, incorporating trademark designs can help you achieve the look. Going the extra mile will also allow you to enhance your estate’s appearance.

For instance, you can have a moat surround your home and use it as a fish pond. You can also opt for functional features like a thatched roof. That can lessen heat gain and keep you cool during the summer months.

Glass and Metal

Open spaces are vital when it comes to biophilic designs. With this style in mind, you can leave some parts of your home open with columns to hold up the foundation.

However, this is also achievable with the use of glass. By using glass instead of solid walls, you let natural light permeate your indoor space. This helps evoke an airy and spacious ambiance. You can also add a touch of contemporary look to it by opting to use metal furniture or at least ones held up by steel frames.

Coastal-inspired Sunroom

Sunrooms have glass walls and open spaces. But you can select another theme to give this space a different feel from the rest of your home. A coastal design is a fitting look for your sunroom since it will elicit the vibes of an ocean, letting you relax at home.

The staples for this look are light hues from green, blue, and white shades. You can also add more straightforward designs, such as seashells and paintings depicting ocean destinations. This way, your guests will think of sparkly blue waters upon entering your home.

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Cozy Rustic Vibe

Another theme that can make you live every day like a vacation is going for the cozy cabin setting. Cabins can remind you of escapades in chilly locations or yuletide getaways.

To experience it all year long, using designs and installing furniture reminiscent of such escapes is the best you can do. Wood is the most used material for the cozy rustic setting. But you can further improve the look by installing a fireplace in your living area and using carpets or hearth rugs.

Use Stone

Stone is one of the most prominent elements on Earth. If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate natural materials into your home aesthetic, using various kinds of stone is the perfect option.

You can use stone for your counters and tabletops and diversify it by trying granite, ivory, and marble. Besides copping a biophilic interior or exterior design, using different types of stone also gives texture to your surfaces. This makes them more eye-catching.

To make your interiors look more appealing, you can use patterns to complement them. Printed tiles are your most viable option for this. You can make installing them as non-disruptive as possible by choosing reliable tile installation services.

Go for a Daily Water Therapy

Water fun is often a part of the itinerary during your trips to ocean resorts or deep within the mountains. There’s almost no point in traveling to the beach if you’re not going to take a dip. Nevertheless, if you don’t plan on going on a coastal trip yet, you can experience fun activities by having pools installed in your home.

To turn your home into a place where you can relax in a tranquil environment, use pools as a form of water therapy. For example, you can have a pool in your indoor space or meandering around your property. You can even install an infinity pool on your top floor. Choose the kind of water relaxation you yearn to experience.

Rooftop Garden

Opting for biophilic designs is also a way to integrate eco-friendly practices in your home setup. The perfect example of this is a rooftop garden. Growing plants on your top floor are both functional and environmentally friendly.

A green roof helps shield your home from heat during stifling weather and acts as an insulator during cold months. It can also help produce oxygen, which helps clean the air. Besides ensuring that you are using your rooftop space for a good cause, you can use it to begin your journey towards sustainable living by planting fruit-bearing crops.

These are just some ideas you can explore to incorporate nature into your home. Remember, comfort and functionality should still be the priority for your abode. Know the right upgrade you should make.

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