Advanced Air Conditioning Repairs Start With Diagnostics

This video is about troubleshooting a common problem with air conditioners: not turning on. It outlines 10 possible causes for the problem and one bonus tip. The first possible cause is a loose opening controlled by a switch that must close for the air conditioning system’s electrical circuit to complete. If the opening doesn’t close securely, the switch will be open, and the system will not turn on.

The second possible cause is that the emergency electrical disconnect switch for the external unit is in the off position. You can find this switch on the unit, which someone may accidentally turn it off.

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Another possible cause is a tripped breaker, which can trip if there’s a problem with the electrical circuit, such as a short circuit. If a breaker has tripped, you need to reset it before the air conditioner turns on.

The fourth possible cause is a clogged condensate line. The condensate line is a drain line that removes moisture from the air conditioner. If the line gets clogged, it can prevent the air conditioner from draining properly, and this can trip a safety switch that shuts down the system. Low batteries in the thermostat can prevent the AC from functioning properly.

Air conditioning repair experts often check the thermostat interface. It’s the part of the thermostat you interact with to set the temperature. If it goes bad, it may not be sending the correct signal to the air conditioner. Technicians can also look at the thermostat wire.


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