An Essential Heating Repair Trick You Need to Know

In this video, the host shares a method for homeowners to test for cracks in their heat exchangers independently, aiming to avoid potential scams by heating contractors. The technique involves observing the flame’s behavior using a long match stick or a flame and a can of gas. With the heat exchanger exposed and the blower motor off, homeowners can assess the flame’s steadiness near the heat exchanger. A steady flame indicates normal functioning, while any movement or extinguishing of the flame upon removing the cover could signal a crack or hole in the heat exchanger.

The presenter demonstrates the procedure using a controlled outdoor furnace, encouraging viewers to try it themselves to save money and ensure safety. This is particularly crucial during winter and potential power outages.

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Additionally, he suggests checking a related video for guidance on setting up a backup power source for a gas furnace.

It’s important to note that while a small crack or hole may not pose an immediate danger, addressing any issues with the heat exchanger through a heating repair promptly is crucial to prevent potential hazards. By understanding and applying this simple test, homeowners can take proactive steps to maintain their heating systems and avoid unnecessary expenses or safety risks. Hopefully, you’re now a bit more confident about approaching your heater for maintenance!


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