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Aluminum Fences as a Great Choice for Your Property

The values of security and privacy have become vital concerns for homeowners. That is why there is a growing demand for fence installation. It is also important that your fence can stand the test of time and the elements. For this reason, metal fencing has emerged as the top option.

There are many things to consider when building a fence, and aluminum has covered most of them.


Aluminum fences are not the cheapest material for your fence, but you have to consider the long-term benefits unless you plan on making the fence installation an annual thing. If durability over time and resistance to the elements are considered, it is easy to narrow down the choices to metal fencing over vinyl or wood.

Among the metal fencing options, aluminum fencing is much cheaper than other options such as traditional wrought iron. This is because the true wrought iron fencing must be fabricated in a shop and would require the use of a more expensive metal. In contrast, the aluminum fences are manufactured, so the cost is lower.

Low Maintenance and Easy Installation

The aluminum fences are easy to install and many homeowners have made it their own DIY project. It requires very little maintenance since they are manufactured using metals that underwent multiple coats of paint. This is why it does not have to be repainted regularly like wrought iron.


Aluminum fencing brings proper containment but it also looks good. The classic black aluminum fence has a timeless look; it looks good even with modern house designs and landscapes. It has been around for centuries but it continues to be the best option for metal fences.

Chain mesh and other cheaper metal fences that can keep intruders out are really low on aesthetic value. They are described as utilitarian and even unsightly. It really does not match modern designed houses and landscapes.


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The bottom line for installing fences is security. In this regard, wood fences are not difficult to climb and scale. Chain link fences can be cut with metal scissors. Not so with aluminum fences with spear-topped pickets. They give the benefit of visibility but not accessibility. The borders are clearly drawn with the aluminum fence.

Vinyl fences can offer more privacy, but it also hampers visibility from the inside. Aluminum fences give the best balance, and they cannot be breached as easily as vinyl or PVC.


The idea of metal fences being susceptible to rust is already a misconception. As experts have clarified, steel is prone to rust in its natural state, but finished steel fences can remain solid against rust for fifteen to twenty years. Aluminum can last even longer since it is an alloy and resistant to rust and other elements. For those who live on the beach or near coastlines and exposed to saltwater, aluminum is clearly the better alternative.

When choosing the material for your fence, there should be a compromise between function, cost, and aesthetics. Aluminum presents the best balance of those three elements.

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