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Four Fence and Entry Gate Materials for Your Home

Every homeowner understands that the styling of the main gate and fences can add a dramatic appeal to the exterior of their house. But these functional structures do more than just enhance the beauty of a property. They also play an important role in protecting the grounds of your home by restricting entry and exit from the space.

This is why you must put enough consideration in their construction by carefully planning their style, material and design.


Wood has always been a commonly used material in many gate and fence construction projects. The beauty of using wood for your project is its flexibility to be created into almost anything. Wood offers a wide array of options for type, style and theme. Depending on the wood you want to use, you can create various styles and designs that can match the look of your home.

However, caring for wooden gates and fences can be tedious. Since wood is a vulnerable material to elemental forces and pest infestation, there is a need to conduct maintenance procedures such as sealing, painting and repairing more often than desired.

Wrought Iron

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One of the sturdiest materials you can use in the construction of your fence and gate is wrought iron. Since it is a dense and thick type of metal, it does not deteriorate and bend easily. You can expect this structure to provide ample protection to your home and last for many years to come. Furthermore, wrought iron gates in Los Angeles can be sculpted in various artistic patterns, which can augment an elegant and timeless feel to your property.


Traditionally, PVC is a synthetic material used to recreate the appearance of wood. Since its introduction to the market, this synthetic component gradually rose in popularity because of its ability to mimic the appearance of wooden structures while eliminating the need to perform heavy maintenance procedures. After all, the distinct characteristic that made it popular is its ability to resist corrosion, deterioration and damage brought upon by varying weather elements.


Another metal type that is ideal for building fences and gates is aluminum. Ultimately, this metal is a malleable, lightweight and recyclable material that can be forged into almost any style and design. And unlike wrought iron, it offers a choice to use thicker or thinner sheets for construction depending on the design you are aiming for.

The materials listed above are the most popular and best materials used in the construction of gates and fences. Admittedly, there are other available options in the market that you can choose from. These include vinyl, chain metal, bamboo and synthetic materials. These components offer distinct advantages on their own, so it is best to do your research before choosing.

Nevertheless, it is important that you consider the exterior of your home and the style you are going for before you decide on the material to use. The goal here is to create a sturdy and high-quality structure without compromising the look of your home.

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