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Bored During Quarantine? Try These DIY Home Renovations

Due to the pandemic, a lot of countries have placed their citizens under home quarantine. Being stuck at home and looking at the same walls and furniture all day long can make you feel like it’s time for a makeover.

Getting a contractor to work on your house can be uncomfortable at the moment. With the threat of the coronavirus still looming around, your neighbours might not feel too supportive if you schedule a major construction project with several workers going in and it of the neighbourhood. Instead, we will explore easy home renovation projects that you can do on your own. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can use the lockdown to give your home a makeover without needing to spend too much.

Remember that in DIY projects, the quality of work you put into the project is directly proportional to how successful it will be. You don’t have to think too big for renovation ideas. Even the slightest cosmetic changes can go a long way into upgrading how an entire room looks like. With that being said, here are some DIY renovations to begin with:

1. Repainting Doors and Cabinets

Paint is a relatively cheap expense when talking about home renovation, but it’s just as effective as any other addition. Painting a new coat of colour over your doors can make you feel like you live in a completely different house.

Repainting can be more fun if you go for the extreme opposite of what you had before. For example, if your doors were previously shaded with a cool colour like blue or green, try warm colours like yellow or orange this time. Go for less bright versions so that your eyes won’t be too shocked by the drastic changes.

Kitchen cabinets can also look entirely different with the right paint job. You can add accent to the cupboards or cabinet doors using rustic colours and finish it off with wood treatment for the ultimate vintage appearance.

2. Decorate Your Floors

modern living roomUpdating your floors look can significantly improve your house’s aesthetic. There are multiple ways to decorate the floor, and none of them have to be expensive to make an impact.

For starters, you can choose to cover the floor with a carpet of your choice. Carpets are recommended for people who like soft surfaces, as most rugs are made from soft material like wool. Commercial carpets are also the right choice since they are usually made with strong, resistant materials like nylon, acrylic, polyester. Maintenance wouldn’t be an issue, too, as several carpet cleaning services are available in the market.

If your floors are tiled, painting over them is also an option. Several paint designs go well with floor tiles, and if you are skilled enough, you can easily make your floor look like a masterpiece.

Engineered wood flooring also look good in a house. This flooring is made of a thin layer of natural wood supplemented by less expensive plywood underneath, making it extra durable. Despite its luxurious look and firm support, it is a relatively cheap flooring material.

3. Try Removable Wallpaper Designs

Not everyone can be Picasso, and a bad paint job can quickly make you regret your decision to renovate. If you want to achieve the possible results of paint without the permanence, you can opt to use removable wallpaper instead.

Removable wallpapers are affordable, easy to install and remove, and they come in hundreds of colours, textures, and designs for you to choose from. Funnily enough, you can also use removable wallpapers to cover up a poor wall painting.

Before going to a shop to purchase removable wallpaper, you need to check your walls first to see if they are compatible. Unfortunately, walls that are heavily textured or plastered are not suitable matches with removable wallpaper. There can be air bubbles if you force the decorative paper on the walls, ruining the design. Even worse, the wall can suffer damages once you decide to take the wallpaper off.

4. Add a Backsplash to the Kitchen

Installing a backsplash to the kitchen is an inexpensive and underrated renovation project. Backsplashes are used to fill gaps in the kitchen or bathroom while also adding decoration to the room. While plain white tiles are always an elegant choice, you can go for more daring designs when choosing a backsplash.

Whether you are looking to add colour, unique markings, or concrete shape designs to the kitchen, there will be backsplash patterns to suit your taste. With over a thousand available materials to choose from, the most challenging part of installing a backsplash is finalizing which one you should buy.

A backsplash is not just for show, as the tiles will also protect the wall from stains and dirt that generally accumulates in high-usage rooms like the kitchen. It also lessens moisture build-up on the walls, making it easier for you to clean.

DIY home renovation can be tiring, but seeing the results should be worth it. There are no limits to DIY options to renovate your house, so feel free to try new things to spice up your home.

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