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Efficient Changes That Can Make Your Place Feel Homier

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or you want to change up the atmosphere of your house, one of the most important considerations to make in terms of designing your home is making it feel homey. A few additions here and there can make your place something to come back to every day and feel happy, content, and well-rested in. Here are a few things you can incorporate into your home to add some cosiness and warmth.

Decorate every room.

A place that feels too bare doesn’t feel like home. It can feel cold, empty, and devoid of personality. Make sure you add some much-needed decoration into every space in the house so that there is a cohesive sense of warmth throughout. Don’t skimp in any room! Think about the design you want for even spaces like your entryway and bathroom. Yes, your priority would have to be to buy bathroom supplies that make the space functional, but you can incorporate elements in even those to give the area a better feel. You may find it even makes the bathroom a much more relaxing place to be in.

Add some plant life.

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Plants are more than just decorative elements. They have been proven to make people feel better and contribute to the circulation of indoor air. But, on top of that, they have also been known to improve concentration, productivity, and stress levels. So, pick out a few flowers and plants that you like and find maintainable and place them throughout your home. It will also be a nice pop of colour and life.


Nothing ruins the look of a home and makes it feel more like a storage unit or dump than a bunch of mess. Take some time to organise everything in your house and get rid of things that are just collecting dust. Decluttering can significantly reduce your stress, and you may find that a lot of the things that take up room in your space don’t need to be there anyway.

Create ambient lighting.

Lighting can set the tone for any space, so build up your ambience with some well-placed fixtures here and there. You want a well-lit room so that things don’t feel dreary or just hard to navigate, but you also want to place them in areas that don’t feel overly intrusive. Aside from the placement, you should also consider the brightness and hue that you use. That should depend on each room and what their purpose is. Different lighting affects the mood for better or worse.

Don’t be afraid to personalise.

What else makes a home feel like home but those little things that are distinctly “you”? Put up those posters you love, the photos from a few years back, and the painting you made for fun. Incorporating elements simply because you like them can be freeing and a quick way to make a space feel more like a nest to settle in.

With these changes, your space can go smoothly from dreary to homey in no time.

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