Different and Fun Office Upgrades for a Trendy Workspace

Trendy office spaces aren’t just there to entice millennials to work in that company. Most of these design trends have practical uses that make your workforce more productive, more creative, and happier in general. Here are some simple office upgrades you can do to turn your office into a trendy workspace.

Bring the Office Walls Down (But Leave Some for Privacy)

There’s a huge debate raging about if open office plans are great for companies or if having everyone in a wall-less place will bring about the death of your business. Well, the truth is somewhere in between: studies show that while an open office plan boosts collaboration, creativity, and expensive overheads, it also hinders concentration, lowers team morale, and eliminates a sense of privacy.

What is the solution? Create a semi-open office plan that incorporates a large communal area for people to work at but individual cubicles and desks on the side for employees who want a bit of privacy during the workday. It’s a great compromise that minimizes the cons of an open office while highlighting the pros.

A Spiral Staircase for Aesthetics and Utility

It seems like every trendy office has a spiral staircase, and if you’re based in Canberra, there’s a good reason for it: it saves a lot of space. In large cities like Canberra, Sydney, or Melbourne, commercial office space can cost your business an arm and a leg, so the more space that you can save and utilize, the better.

That’s what a spiral staircase accomplishes. Because a spiral staircase takes up much less space than a traditional staircase, offices that use this can effectively double their floor space. If your local laws (and, of course, your landlord) are okay with it, you can even use your spiral staircase to turn your high-ceiling office into a loft-type work area. It also helps that a spiral staircase is gorgeous to look at, something to break the monotony of filling out excel sheets all day.

More than just an Office Pantry

office pantry

Your office pantry isn’t just a place for people to eat their takeaways before going back to the grind. If done properly, an office pantry becomes the centre for building a strong culture among your employees. It is where they can let their hair down slightly, chat with mates, and have a nice cuppa with their peers.

Upgrade your pantry by employing some design elements of an open office plan. Have a large, communal area where employees can sit, eat, and laugh together during their lunch break. But leave a few tables off on the side for people who want to enjoy their sandwich in peace. If you have the budget for it, some companies have also started incorporating family-style kitchens in their pantry to encourage their workers to cook and eat for the gang.

Of course, always check with your landlord or building management before you decide on upgrading your space. But once they’re cool with it, your office won’t just become a place for people to do their daily grind. It’s going to be a space that they’re excited to work in.

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