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House Hunting: Things to Look for in a New Home

House hunting can be a lengthy and overwhelming process if you don’t know what to look for. Having a list of priorities can help you narrow an impossible list of options down to a few houses that best suit your needs and preferences. If you’re in Townsville and browsing through the massive selection of new homes, here are several things to consider to help guide you towards making the best decision.


A great-looking home won’t mean much if it isn’t in a stellar location. This is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a home. You can change almost everything else when it comes to the structure of your home after you’ve bought it, but you can’t change your location. A great location is one that’s in close proximity to your work, schools, parks, shopping, and public transportation. It should be in a safe and charming neighborhood and traffic should be manageable.

Curb Appeal

house curbThe exterior of your house matters as much as its interiors. The outside of your home should match and reflect your own personality and lifestyle. You might want to lean into a more luxurious Victorian or Tudor-style home, or a more laid-back modern and contemporary home. The exterior features should also be appropriate for the location. For example, a brick home is excellent if the area is earthquake-prone while insulated concrete is great for areas with colder climates. Don’t forget to check if the roof, sidewalks, and landscaping are attractive and in good condition.

Size and Floor Plan

The size of your new home should be practical and appropriate for what you need. A large home is great for extra space, but it’s much more difficult to maintain and you’ll pay higher taxes and heating bills. Think about the purpose of each space in your house and how it fits your lifestyle now and in the near future.


Not all of your belongings will make it to your new house. You’ll probably sell stuff you don’t need in order to make moving much easier. Take stock of which of your remaining belongings will take up space in your new home and how much storage you need for it. New homes tend to have bigger closets and lots of storage, so you should already start imagining where your belongings will go when you view potential houses.

Windows and Lighting

A home with lots of windows is great if you love bright, sunny rooms or need a steady stream of natural light. Meanwhile, a house with smaller windows and lots of electrical outlets and fixtures is an ideal choice if you love privacy or want a warmer, cozier vibe. Make sure to check if the electrical outlets and fixtures can accommodate your needs. For example, if you want cove lighting or recessed lighting in certain rooms. If it doesn’t have this, think about how you can add them in later.

Hardware and Finishing Touches

Make sure that hardware and installed moldings are excellent quality and made out of durable materials. These are probably the most overlooked features of a house, but also the most important. You can always replace them when you move in, but you’ll be saving a lot of money if these finishing touches are already to your liking when you buy the house.

Simplify and streamline your house hunting adventure by prioritizing these features first. You’ll have the house of your dreams in no time.

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