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Get Your Kids Involved in Cleaning the House

Are you aware that you can keep your house in Bath clean even with kids? A messy house should not be the norm for families with little kids as it doesn’t teach them about cleaning, organising, and being disciplined. It is best to establish the first rule of cleaning. Tell your family members that you want a clutter-free house. Seat them down and tell them that you intend to keep your house clean no matter how messy they can be. They need to get on board with you.

You can give them little tasks at home such as calling a carpet fitter to confirm the schedule of the carpet installation. You can also ask them to take out the trash during the day, particularly when the garbage disposal track is about to collect the bags. You can ask them to segregate the recyclable materials from the non-recyclable ones. If you have older kids who can drive, tell them to take the recyclables to the recycling facility.

Let Them Start Young

Believe it or not, your kids, at one point in their lives, would have loved to help you clean the house, wash the dishes, and wipe the table. If you missed the chance of teaching your eldest to tidy the house when he was still a toddler, don’t do it the next time you have a chance. Make sure that your kids now, as young as they are, will know the value of working in the house and doing their share of chores. Toddlers love feeling accomplished. They love receiving compliments, especially when they know they have done a great job. For those two to three years old, you can let them pick their own toys to return to their proper places.

Assign Age-appropriate Tasks

As mentioned above, you can ask kids as young as two or three years old to pick up their toys and put them in their organisers. But you cannot ask a two-year-old kid to vacuum the bedroom or make his bed. That should be reserved for older kids, those who can understand how to properly operate a piece of equipment. The kids will probably take a lot of time—around 20 minutes—to finish one simple task, but that should be okay because it keeps you on your toes.

Make It Fun

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Don’t we all love to win? Kids do, too. Make cleaning a fun adventure for them by making a checklist and telling them that whoever finishes the tasks first will get a prize. Of course, prepare for actual prizes that you’ll be giving to all your kids when they complete their tasks. If you make cleaning fun, they will never have to dread the thought of it.

Plan a Yard Sale

Do your kids have lots of toys they don’t need or play with anymore? Maybe it’s time for a garage sale. There are two benefits of doing a yard sale: one, you’ll reorganise and declutter your home; and two, you’ll teach your kids to let go of things that they don’t need or don’t want. You wouldn’t want them to grow up as hoarders, right?

You don’t have to do all the household chores alone. You can share some of the duties with your kids and your partner. You don’t have to carry the burden of keeping the house tidy and organised.

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