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Could Your Home Be Making You Sick?

Is your house making you sick? Yes, it’s possible that your home is the cause why you’re getting colds, cough, fever, allergies, and many other things. If, like many, you haven’t gone out of the house that much since the pandemic started, you might be wondering why you are still getting sick almost on a monthly basis. That’s because your home is also full of allergens, toxins, dust, dirt, and grime. People who spend an enormous amount of time indoors might actually be more susceptible to getting sick than those who stay outdoors.

Look around your house. You can point to certain things that might be making you sick. If your nose feels itchy, that might be allergies. So, where are the allergens coming from? It could be from the dirty carpet in your living room or the air-conditioner filter that you haven’t cleaned or changed in a year.

Carpets, Rugs, and Mats

They may make your home look better, but that doesn’t mean that rugs, mats, and carpets don’t carry ticks, bugs, dust, and other allergens. Call a carpet cleaning company that can keep your rugs, mats, and carpets clean at an affordable price. They will do it fast, so you don’t have to worry about letting the rugs dry. At the end of the service, your rugs, mats, and carpets will look like they’ve just been bought.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Do you know that your home’s heating and cooling systems may be the biggest culprit why you are getting sick? You need to clean and change the air filters regularly. The traces of water in the ducts when the air-conditioner unit is on can be the breeding ground for molds and bacteria. When you inhale these, you can get sick almost immediately. There are also serious respiratory conditions linked to this.

Aside from the air filters, you have to get the air ducts cleaned professionally, too, at least once every two years. Or, if you’re always turning on your heating and cooling system, then have it cleaned every two years. You will notice that you will get sick less when the heating and cooling systems are clean.

Indoor Leaks

Unseen mold growths will cause respiratory problems in people. Does your home have a leak? Could the roof be leaking? Water pooling in unseen parts of the home can cause asthma and induce allergically induced breathing problems. Far too often, people forget to check the plumbing and roof for possible leaks. Out of sight, out of mind, right? However, forgetting about these things can hurt your health.

What should you do? Check the pipes, basements, attics, and built-in cabinets. There could be leaks there that you haven’t noticed. Make sure to contact a professional to fix these leaking problems. Experts said that what you don’t see in your house are the things that can hurt your health.

water leak

Furniture, Pillows, and Mattress

Do you know what else can be triggering your allergies? It could be your favorite pillow or even your bed mattress that you’ve been using for almost a decade. Do you know that mattresses need to be cleaned professionally and you have to get a new one every seven years? Pillows, mattresses, and furniture are places where dust mites can hide. Dust mites are microscopic bugs that grow where there’s too much humidity. Every home has them, including that celebrity mansion you see on television.

The solution is to wash your sheets regularly. Change the sheets and pillowcases every week. Make sure to get new ones when there is a chance. Even if you wash these sheets, dust mites can return.


Finally, the bathroom is the place where you most probably feel a bit of solace. It’s where you can enjoy a steam shower. But do you know that it could also be the place where most molds and mildew grow? If the gaps in your tiles are all black, those could be molds hiding there. Make sure to use a cleaning solution to remove them. Don’t let these molds grow unabashed in your bathroom.

The best way to take care of the bathroom is to wash everything with a cleaning solution. Do this every chance you get, or a minimum of once a week. While it could be where you feel relaxed, it could also cause undue health problems.

There’s a reason why health experts recommend people to spend more time outdoors. It is better for your health. But 90% of the time, people spend their time indoors, whether at home or in the office. That being said, by strengthening your defenses against allergens and toxins, you should be able to live a healthier life even if you stay indoors mostly.

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