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HVAC Equipment: Important Features to Consider for Schools

To learn, they have to be in a comfortable and safe environment conducive to the learning process. In fact, it’s known that focusing on comfortability can help many students focus better on learning. To ensure that students and teachers alike are comfortable, the school’s atmosphere and temperature should be in a favourable condition. If this is the case, having a functional and efficient HVAC system is one of the best ways of maximizing students’ comfortability.

However, there are a plethora of features that you’ll need to consider. Here are some features that you’ll need to weigh in on before making any final decisions.

Air Filtration and Ventilation

First and foremost, one of the most important parts of having a fully functional HVAC system is having an efficient way of filtering the air and ensuring that ventilation is optimal. Air filtration and ventilation are essential to the health of the students and the faculty members since this helps transport fresh air to different areas of the school while also balancing the temperature for maximum comfort.

Since the past year, many establishments and buildings have placed a lot of emphasis on ventilation and air filtration. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused a variety of changes to how many buildings maintain their HVAC equipment. Safety protocols and precautions have also changed based on research findings. In fact, a particular study has shown that the risk of infection from COVID-19 is higher for individuals placed within an enclosed area that does not have proper ventilation than areas with a fully functional HVAC system or outdoors.

If this is the case, maintenance should be the top priority of schools, especially when the ventilation systems of most school buildings are quite extensive and will usually see heavy use. Fortunately, many businesses are aware of this situation and are offering professional deep cleaning services for schools. Not only will this ensure that ventilation systems are kept in good condition, but this is also a great way of keeping the majority of the school clean and tidy.

Energy Efficiency

Another essential feature that you’ll need to consider for your school’s HVAC system is energy efficiency. Most schools will require a substantial amount of energy compared to a home’s energy consumption since it has to handle different areas at the same time. That said, it’s essential to look for more efficient components and models for your HVAC system if you plan on cutting down on costs.

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Controlling Moisture and Humidity

Last but not least, moisture and humidity controls are known for being the most critical features in a functional HVAC system. Not only is moisture and humidity a vital part in determining an individual’s comfort while also affecting their health, but uncontrolled levels of moisture build-up can often lead to major damage for many buildings. It’s important to be cognizant that water damage and moisture can make nooks and crannies prime places for mould to grow on, which can eventually damage different types of construction materials.

Walls, flooring, and supporting structures made of wood and metal surfaces can be damaged from these biological growths. This won’t only compromise the structural integrity of the building and the ventilation system, but this can also cause respiratory problems in the long run.

If you’re having moisture problems, here are some practices that should be avoided:

  • Building materials that are still wet should be dried before they are enclosed with other materials.
  • Standing and ponding water that has leaked from roofing systems, gutters, and downspouts.
  • “Sweating” and condensation on the ceiling and close to ventilation shafts
  • Rotting on wooden support beams

It’s also important to be mindful of how moisture enters the building. Preventing condensation is a critical part of ensuring that the building is free from moulds and other problems caused by the sudden rise of moisture and humidity. Fortunately, various HVAC systems, especially those used for schools, are already designed with humidity and moisture controls.

You’ll need to consider a multitude of essential features when maintaining a school’s HVAC system. Still, it’s vital to focus on ventilation and ensure that the airways are clean and functional. Doing so can help maximize the safety and health of students, teachers, and other staff members present.

Although you might have to spend more than usual on equipment and maintenance, this is still a necessity since the safety and well-being of everyone at school should be the top priority. Don’t let the risk of infection stop you from opening the school and letting students learn again.

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