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Inspiring Ideas by Incorporating Art Into Your Café

Creating art is now a growing global phenomenon with its increasing value in various other fields. As a matter of fact, companies, social organizations, schools, and other commercial establishments have started including art as part of their health and well-being programs for their workers and employees. For those who already have cafés and are looking for alternatives to increase your earnings, why not incorporate art into what you already have and turn it into artists’ cafés?

Comfort and Ambiance

Yes, this is a must for all cafés, whether they service artists or not. However, an artist needs to be comfortable, relaxed, and focused for their creative juices and inspiration to flow. Distractions, such as wobbly tables, split upholstery, or the air conditioning conking out, can mean a bad reputation for your café when the word goes out. Make sure that everything is in prime condition before you reopen your doors. Also, hire experts in American Fork, especially those from reputable HVAC companies such as American Comfort Air, to install and design your HVAC system so that you can maintain a restful temperature for your clients.

Working Space

Unlike most cafés that crowd their chairs and tables together to fit in more people, you might want to consider a more space-conscious layout since you will be encouraging creative people to come in. Upgrade your lighting to give your clients better visuals, along with the feel of added space. Repainting with lighter shades both the wall and the furnishings also creates the illusion of a larger room. Research on how you can rearrange your furniture to give more legroom to your customers. Better yet, hire an interior designer to come up with space-saving solutions fit for a modern café.

Display Area

It’s a fact that a great number of visual artists and art students are always looking for possible spaces to exhibit their works. Unfortunately, many of these galleries and venues are too expensive for the “starving artist.” If you can’t spare a small nook for possible exhibition space, keep your walls free and well-lighted and rent them out as display areas. Just make sure to keep your prices affordable to encourage more illustrators and painters to choose your venue for their events.

Art Supplies

Considering that the use of certain tools, such as fountain pens, pencils, and brushes, are becoming more and more popular, this is a good a time to spread that love and earn from it as well. You don’t have to provide art supplies, as artists usually have their own materials, but you can become an official reseller of certain brands. This way, you can have additional income through selling these materials, and your customers can be free to try their new purchases immediately by hanging out at your café. When they order from the menu, that means more profit for you.

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Art will always have a place in people’s lives. Though you may have selected an exclusive niche of your original target market, it still remains a growing demographic that includes very staunch supporters. In short, you will never run out of customers, whether they are the ones who make art or who appreciate artwork. Also, there will always be those who enjoy a good cup of coffee and just the right creative ambiance that go with it.

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