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How New Homeowners Can Make Their Move More Sustainable

Sustainability is the most common buzzword these days. As we continue to open our eyes to the consequences of reckless living, we finally learn how divesting the effects of our way of life is on the environment. We no longer want to be the very reason why the plant is slowly but surely dying. Thankfully, a survey shows that up to 77% of respondents want a more sustainable lifestyle. This goes to show the amount of support sustainability has to common consumers.

Thankfully, living sustainably is made easier. More brands heeded the call of eco-conscious consumers. Now, one can finally make the switch knowing there are more sustainable products and services available in the market.

For new homeowners, they are the ones most excited about sustainable living. This is since today’s largest groups of new homeowners are the millennials. Millennials are known for their support for sustainability, which explains their eagerness to live a sustainable life when moving to their new home.

If you too are only waiting for your moving day, know that this is the perfect time to start your sustainable lifestyle. Even if you are about to get rid of many things, there are still a lot more tasks you can do without putting additional strain on the environment. Your willingness to make a difference is what matters now that you are about to start a new life in your new home.

Get the Most of Secondhand Items

The first thing you can do is to find your old items a new home. There is no reason to allow your old items to go waste when there are other people who might still find another use for them. Instead of throwing your stuff, choose to donate, pass them down to willing loved ones, or sell the items.

Once you made up your mind about the things you will let go of, it is time you start planning on what items to invest in your new home. There’s the fact that you can refurbish hand-me-down furniture and secondhand items you can buy at thrift stores. These can be a money-saving trick you can use to design your home while breathing in new life to useful items.

Make Your Next Purchase With Sustainability in Mind

A new house requires often translates to a new space to decorate. Aside from buying secondhand items from the thrift shop, it pays to think about every purchase you make. You will want to ensure everything you buy is as green and sustainable as possible.

For example, you will need new indoor doormats that will go along with your new house. Instead of simply picking a gorgeous one, think of the materials used instead. There now exist sustainable mats made from coconut tree materials you can for your new home.

You also need to consider your suppliers and service providers. You want to make sure you are buying from brands that are now following sustainable processes. This is applicable with every product purchase you make and every service you intend to hire for your new home.

Pack and Secure Your Stuff the Sustainable Way

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Getting rid of plastics and bubble wraps is one good way to make the moving day friendlier for the environment. Instead of bubble wraps, you can use old newspapers, blankets, and towels to secure fragile items. Instead of buying new moving boxes, you can use second-hand moving boxes instead.

If you are unable to get your hands on pre-used boxes, you have other options to choose from. For one, there are boxes made from recycled materials that you can easily sell or dispose of after use. There are also movers who allow their clients to rent their plastic boxes which can actually save you a lot of headaches.

Find a Green Moving Company

As much as possible, you will want to hire a green moving company to move your belongings to your new home. There are a lot of movers who now embrace sustainability by adapting some of their processes. For one, some now make use of eco-friendly trucks fueled by biodiesel.

Other movers, as mentioned before, can set you up with reusable boxes to pack your stuff. You need to ask if they have sustainable boxes you can rent, and they can give them to you as needed. They make use of the boxes for as long as possible and will recycle these boxes again to turn them into usable moving boxes.

Sustainable moving can be fun and exciting. You have the freedom to make the move as sustainable as you wish. You may need to pull a few strings and make a few sacrifices to make it work. But all your efforts will eventually pay off knowing you are doing the environment and yourself a favor for embracing a more sustainable life.

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