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Making Your Workplace Work: Office Design Ideas for Comfort and Productivity

As members of the workforce, we all tend to spend most of our waking hours staring at our computer screens, trying our hardest to reach our quotas, closing deals, and handling irate clients and customers. It can be very draining, and when we’re not inspired, it affects our productivity levels to a great extent.

Such is the world of business, and while we may not have much control over this, there are certain things we can do to make our workplace a lot less like a place of confinement. There are ways we can get our jobs done most efficiently and find satisfaction in accomplishing our work goals.

A simple change in our workplace setup will undoubtedly do wonders, whether it’s something as simple as a potted plant on your desk or something grand as a complex staircase designed by a stair specialist. After all, several studies have proven the significant relationship between productivity and comfort in an office space.

Here are a few things you can do to make your office more conducive to comfort and productivity:

More Opportunities for Movement

There have been several studies that recognize the effects of breaking up your work hours with mental rest periods in increasing your productivity at work. After staying seated for long hours, moving around in small bursts throughout the day can help lower your stress levels and improve your overall health.

There are furniture pieces that encourage workers to change their positions and move around the entire day, such as a sit-stand desk. Simpler alternatives that work just as well for increased movement include placing the phone, the copying machine, or the water dispenser on the other side of the room for more reasons to stand-and-move and recalibrate-and-refuel every once in a while.

Surround Yourselves with the Right Amount of Plants

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Changes in the workplace don’t always have to be grand to get the desired results. Sometimes, something as simple and unexpected can have a significant effect on productivity, such as keeping small plants on your desk or everywhere in the office. Greenery can make spaces feel and look more lively.

While houseplants may not necessarily have the traditional image of creating a more productive workspace, researches have supported the claim that having plants around your workspace can inspire employees. They feel more engaged with their everyday routine at work without feeling exhausted.

Control the Amount of Noise

To reduce auditory distractions that cause high levels of discomfort at work, put all office equipment that create a lot of noise into a separate walled area. Team members who need to talk with clients on the phone always should have their own space as well, different from the rest of the office that needs a quieter area to concentrate on getting their work done. There are office elements that can absorb sound and provide the right amount of privacy for everyone.

There are several ways to be more efficient at work. Try some of these office arrangements to stay comfortable and highly motivated.

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