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Why More Homes Are Choosing Carports Over Garages

Garages are enclosed structures that can be attached or separated from your home designed to hold vehicles, and they’re one of the most common features in every suburban home. Carports, on the other hand, are roofed open spaces which serve the same purpose of sheltering one’s vehicles from rain and sunshine, and can also be attached to your home or are a separate structure altogether.

Although most would choose to have a garage as they provide privacy and believed to be safer for vehicles, most homes have begun opting to have carports for the numerous features and benefits it can offer over garages. So let’s take a look at some advantages carports offer that may convince you to install one for your Sunshine Coast home:

Cheaper and Easier to Install

Carports don’t require as many materials and skills as garages; in fact, some prefer building their carports as a DIY home project. Not only that, it takes a relatively shorter time to build and have less strict building codes and regulations as compared to garages. You can also have your home’s carport professionally built, or buy and assemble readymade carport kits. So, even if you’re planning on making a garage but currently don’t have the time or funds, a carport is an affordable and quick alternative to keep your car sheltered.


Although this might not apply to carports attached to homes or have solid concrete foundations, carports (particularly carport kits, or those designed not to be attached to the ground) can be moved anywhere. His portability allows you to move your carport (and car) to better locations of your property.


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Most believe that garages are safer since they’re in an enclosed space. However, if your vehicle is more visible, such as in a carport, this also gives your vehicle a certain level of safety as vandals and burglars are less inclined to enter their carport since they can easily be spotted. Adding sufficient lighting to your carport, and a camera could provide sufficient protection to your vehicle and anything else that’s stored in the carport.

Better Alternative During the Summer

During the summertime, even with sufficient ventilation and air conditioning, enclosed spaces such as garages could be unbearably hot. This makes carports the better alternative for you and your car during hot seasons as they’re open and won’t subject your car to intense heat.

Versatile and Multi-Purpose

Carports are open spaces that you can use as a makeshift patio for grilling, hosting parties, and other recreational activities. If your property’s space allows it, you can always have both garages and carports incorporated into your home’s design; so even if you have an existing garage, you can have a carport added as long as you have enough space. This way, you’d have the option to use your carport as a lounging or recreational area, or have it as an additional parking area for your guests, and then use your garage for your car or storage. In fact, some contemporary homes are designed to have both structures adjoined.

Although carports and garages are both essential in keeping your vehicles safe and sheltered from the sun and elements, carports are relatively cheaper and easier to install and offer other advantages over garages. It’s clear that carports are quite versatile and could be a beneficial addition to your Sunshine Coast home.

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