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Other Parts of the House in Danger From Damaged Gutters

Professionals in Seattle, WA specializing in gutter cleaning are adept in removing debris and repairing damaged areas. The cost of gutter maintenance should be part of your household’s annual budget. It’s not only because you don’t want dry leaves, twigs, insects and small mammals occupying the roof.

It’s because a poorly maintained gutter can cause significant damage to other parts of the house, namely the roof, the foundations, the basement and the garden.

The roof

When rainwater overflows because the gutter is not allowing water to flow downward, the gutters may burst. The metal parts may corrode with exposure to decaying organic matter. It’s not only the gutters themselves that are prone to damage when they are stuffed with all sorts of things.

The roof is at risk for rotting as well. When rainwater overflows, the fascia may be damaged. When the roof is flooded any gaps in the shingles would allow water to seep in. Soon enough, the attic would smell of mold, and the ceiling would sport unsightly spots of wetness.

You don’t want this type of damage in your home just because you don’t want to pay for professional roof cleaning.

The foundations

The foundations may be far away from where the gutters are located, and yet it might incur significant damage when the gutter system fails. The foundation may be made from wood or concrete. These materials succumb to water when exposed for long, and in huge amounts.

Rotting foundation is a huge danger to the household. When there are cracks due to water damage, you could be looking at a potentially significant expense for repairs. Don’t let it get this far. Keep the drainage system in the roof working optimally year-round before water logging causes irreversible harm.

The basement

basement with stone wall and old sink

Drainage from the roof goes to the ground. If something is awry with the system, the bottom parts of the house will suffer. The basement can already be flooded while you are worried about the roof. Damaged gutters that are not dealt with promptly means that leaking continues to pour water down the basement.

Don’t risk the health and wellbeing of your household. Flooded basements can lead to water-borne disease and potential gas leaks.

The garden

The plants in the garden need water, but they need water of a certain amount. If water spills to garden beds relentlessly, you can overwater the soil and kill the plants. Plants can drown, and so remember to check the grounds closest to the house for the condition of the soil.

If the gutter is busted from the latest storm, you can set aside time to replant flower beds that could be affected by overwatering.

Are you convinced that gutter repair should always be a priority? Given the extent of potential harm to the household that could arise from what seems like a small problem, you should consider hiring professionals cleaners.

Bringing out the ladder and going up the roof yourself is a bad idea. Never climb up high with our proper equipment and adequate training. Your roof and the wellbeing of your family are in good hands with roof maintenance professionals.

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