Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living

We’ve all dreamt about the possibilities of having our own outdoor space. We’ve imagined spending our Sunday brunches sipping orange juice and chewing on fluffy waffles. We’ve also imagined spending our afternoons lounging under the sun, getting a nice tan.

You can have all of these experiences. You need to upgrade our outdoor living. To inspire you to keep the ball rolling, here are some simple ways for you to do so.


Painting Your Deck

The quickest way to add a fresh look to your outdoor living is by painting your deck. It would easily set the look and feel of the whole space. After ensuring that you have moisture-seal decking, deciding on the color or wood stain is the next thing on your agenda. Every house is different and it’s best that you find the right color that would go well with the colors of your home.

If you have a house with a traditional design with varying shades of white and gray, then maybe dark gray would be a good color for your porch. The contrast with the colors would add a bit of a modern take to your home. Plus, the dark color would certainly disguise tracks of mud that may scatter all over the wood.

Bringing the Space to Life with Flowers and Greenery

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with flowers and greenery. You can choose the flowers you want based on the color scheme. One of the best ways to add pops of color in your backyard is having flowers with bold colors. Purple is an example. It stands out really well with the forest-green color of the leaves.

An example of a purple flower that you can plant is the summer snapdragon. It stands tall above the ground. And it also has a vibrant purple color. It’s the perfect statement flower for your garden.

If you’re into flowers with warmer colors, you can try planting an orange lily. As the name states, it has orange petals. But the orange is such a deep and dark one that it’s almost red. Like the summer snapdragon, it would really stand out in your garden.

Making Your Guests Feel at Home

To truly upgrade your outdoor living, you must have the perfect space to entertain your guests. After all, you can’t fulfill your dream of Sunday brunches if you don’t have the dining set for your family. You can have a bistro-style dining set if you’re expecting a small company. For a bigger crowd, you can opt for a dining set with a picnic table style.

You can also install a fire pit where you and your guests can gather. You can spend nights with your friends, sharing bottles of wine and the warmth emanated from the fire. You can spend nights with your kids, making s’mores, and sharing laughs.

Adding Pops of Color All-Around

While your flowers can already enliven the space with their bright colors, it’s also good to add more decorations with the little things. On your lounge chairs, you can have cushions with fun and eclectic prints. Moroccan prints are especially good for that. They could easily add more character to the space. And they can also make it homier and inviting.

Another way to further decorate your outdoor space is by scattering some colorful fiesta lanterns. Not only do they bring more light during the nighttime, but they also bring more life to the space.

Encouraging Fun Activities with Your Family

One of the best ways to bond with your family is by working on some activities together. You can start nurturing a fruit-and-vegetable garden with your kids. It’s a great way for all of you to bond over something enjoyable and fulfilling. Plus, think about how the lemons, tomatoes, and peppers would add more color to your outdoor space.

You can also install a play space for your kids. A swing set, maybe. This would encourage them to spend more time outdoors and get a healthy dose of vitamin D. It would also give them a space where they hang out with their friends.

Having our own home is an achievement in itself. It means that we’ve reached success in our careers, enough to afford to buy a property. It also means that we’ve achieved in building a family or that we’re on the cusp of building one. But having our own outdoor space is a whole other thing. It’s a far cry from our experience in living in aged and cramped New York City apartments.

Now, though, we know the simple ways we can upgrade our outdoor living. It will encourage us to enjoy nature while we bond with our friends and families.

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